The 10 Best Shopping Destinations in Dubai

Best Shopping Destinations in Dubai

Along with architectural wonders, Dubai also has extraordinary traditional Islamic ethnic wear which are ultramodern as well in style. Given below are the top 10 best shopping malls in Dubai:

  • Wafi Mall – It was established in the year of 2001, located on the Oud Medha Road. The unique feature of this mall is its structure which is pyramid in shape and has a large collection of Egyptian artwork and theme. It consists of almost 350 stores, but Cleopatra’s Spa is the most famous amongst all.
  • Dubai Mall – This mall is known as the world’s largest mall, located near Burj Khalifa on the Financial Centre Road. This mall provides with over 1200 luxury brand stores, an underwater zoo, Dubai aquarium, Ice rink, Reel cinema, theme park, Dubai fountains and numerous restaurants. Chocolates and candy freaks are mainly attracted by the Hershey’s Chocolate World and Candylicious store, as they sell Hershey’s product and a lot of other candies.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall – This mall is the world’s largest themed mall, and is designed with respect to Ibn Battuta. This mall is divided into six sections, according to the places, Ibn Battuta has visited like- India, China, Egypt, Andalusia, Tunisia, and Persia.
  • Deira City Centre – It is one of the oldest malls in Dubai, which is located at the waterfront of Port Saeed Road. The stores include dresses, electronics, ornaments as well as outlets of silk, rugs and cashmere. It also has a movie theatre and a magic planet for adventure.
  • Mall of the Emirates – The extraordinary experience offered by this mall consists of 475 premium fashion stores, electronics, sports, magic planet for kids, home décor and multiplex cinema. But the most amazing element of this mall is the Ski Resort which offers to experience the ultimate skiing adventure.
  • Gold Souk – This gold souk (market) is located in Deira, next to Dubai Creek. It is the most popular market in Dubai and must be visited to enjoy the indigenous beauty of gold.
  • Spice Souk – The spice market is another place of variety, where all the spice stores are lined together. A wide range of spices re finding from herbs, cinnamon, nutmeg to dry fruits, nuts, basmati rice and flavoured tobacco.
  • Perfume Souk – This market is enchanted with its aromatic ambience and is linked together with small shops selling perfumes starting from local to international branded perfumes.
  • Textile Souk – This textile market contains numerous shops, selling all kinds of clothes starting from cashmere, wool, cotton to variety of textiles like silk, footwear. It is located in Bur Dubai.
  • Meena Bazar Dubai – This marketplace is also located in Bur Dubi, next to Al Bastakia. The most amazing collections found here are mostly of jewelries, wedding jewelries, textiles, furniture and watches.

These were some of the best shopping destinations in Dubai where you can splurge your heart out and get gifts for your loved ones back home. Did we miss out on any important area? let us know in the comment below.



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3 thoughts on “The 10 Best Shopping Destinations in Dubai

  • June 20, 2018 at 11:53 am

    I love doing shopping wherever I go with family-friends or even when I’m alone. The city of Dubai embeds blending of traditional Islamic ethos and ultramodern lifestyle. It is also one of the most chosen tourist places on the global tourism map. A place to relax and enjoy! The key attractions of Dubai are not only its scenic beaches, charming desert safaris; they also include the endless shopping centres, from ultramodern mega malls and traditional souks in Dubai to local street outlets. Dubai is equivalent with shopping; there is nothing more costly to buy when shopping in Dubai. From gold to electronics, designer labels and luxury items, the emirate is filled with large number of shopping malls built side-by-side, where small shop owners sell everything from spices to clothing to carpets and rugs. Very happy to make shopping in Dubai place where we can get everything in one place… it’s important to know things like this before choosing where to do shopping. Thank you for your article which is filled with detailed information…

  • July 24, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Great article. I love shopping at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. The stores in the mall offer a perfect combination of luxury buys as well as affordable commodities. I bought most of my electronic gadgets and appliances there during my stay in Dubai. There are numerous electronic retail shops including Apple store and Virgin Megastore. The place can get a little crowded during the weekends, but can’t complain due to the selection and prices the stores are opening.

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