6 Craziest Places for Shopping Lovers in Dubai

6 Craziest Places for Shopping Lovers in Dubai

Dubai is a known place to the world that has been in the limelight from many years for several reasons. It is the most preferred global tourism destination & a place that offers the ceaseless shopping options, from the neoteric malls to the amazing souks and the night street outlets. Your shopping experience will not be pretty simple, because of the lined up gargantuan malls in UAE and the word tax-free has made shopping, a boon for the locals and the foreigners to find the exclusive pieces from the popular brands.

If you are ready to burn the money, then just head into the most outstanding destinations. Though you have a quick tour to the malls and filled bags with the required, you would definitely leave out a great list still.  It is a place that resides each and every brand in the world, if you are looking for any specific collection then there no question of not finding it. From designer luxuries, handicrafts, to gadgets, electronics and a lot more are made available in the malls, souks to bargain and purchase at the lowest prices.

Malls offer the ultra-modern collection whereas the Souks gives a great traditional touch. You are allowed to bargain at Souks and sometimes even at malls as well but be reasonable. If you are travelling to Dubai during the festival time like Ramadan or during the time of Dubai shopping festival or Dubai Summer Surprises then you will find to see another view of Dubai with the shopping events and the heavy crowd who land in the city from the other countries to participate and experience it and this is also a time to travel in the budget with the help of Qatar Airways promo codes.

Here is a list of specific shopping venues that would let you choose the amazing collection at affordable prices offline and while shopping online, purchase at the store

1.    The Dubai Mall

A shopping lover, landing in Dubai and returning back, not visiting The Dubai Mall can never happen. It is the world largest malls that is having a floor area of 5.9 million sq. ft. with 3.77 million sq. ft. of gross space. One who gets into the mall can easily check over 1200 luxury and premium brand stores that would cover the most amazing collection of fashion, accessories and a lot more.

It is located near the Burj Khalifa in the financial centre road, known to be the most amazing mall in Emirates. The best brands and the most exclusive designer collections are specially made available in Dubai Mall stores for the people. Dubai Mall is boasting a high range of choices that set a mark of Emirates standard and part of shopping it is a great repository of finding the activities.

Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Reel Cinemas and a lot of amazing activities are listed for the people to spend a great time inside. There are about 120 cafes & restaurants, 22 cinema screens, a luxury hotel and many others are available for once easy access and enjoyment.

2.    Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall is established in the year 2001, located at Out Medha Road. This mall is a pyramid of artworks that would let an individual experience the Egyptian culture throughout. You will not see such exclusively shaped artwork anywhere else and coming to the shopping, there are over 350 stores available in the Malls offering the fashion, accessories, crafts, décor and more.

This Mall gives a unique experience of shopping under the stained-glass ceiling and to buy any of local brands, it’s the right place to go through the exclusive local brands collection. Above all, in the Dubai shopping festival, you will see the special sales running throughout the season. The special thing about this Mall is, it runs a tradition souk named as “Khan Murjan Souk” when you will find the best collection in sale and bargains at the time.

3.    Ibn Battuta Mall

If you are very much interested to buy the specific region collection then do not search for more options because the Ibn Battuta Mall which is named in honour of the Arabian pioneer Ibn Battuta. It is a themes mall that lists out the collection in 6 different sections according to the country. You will see the collection available from India, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and Andalusia in over 275 stores. It is said that the collection is displayed in stores from the countries Ibn Battuta travelled.

This is malls is on the Sheikh Zayed Road so if you have thought of exploring the unique collection from any particular region then definitely head into it. The popular stores and dining outlets are also a part of this Mall.

4.    Gold Souk

Do you love Gold? Then, your first visit must be this most popular and the traditional Gold Souk in Dubai. It is located in Deira, just travel over there and I am sure you will just stick your day in finding and seeing the amazing collection. You will find the jewellery, gold biscuits, gold chips that too available in the bargain prices. There are around 300 retailers offering over 10 tons of gold for the shoppers.

Like the general markets, you will the exclusive pieces and jewellery hanged in the market to choose and select. If you have plans to buy more in this traditional market then there are high chances of getting the best discounts on every purchase. So, Gold lovers, it’s your time to explore and purchase the best of all.

5.    Bur Dubai Souk

Not just the Mall, even the souks offer the extensive range of collection that amazes you for sure. If you are especially looking for the top rated and best quality fabrics them Bur Dubai is Souk is the best place. The Souk street always stays busy and filled with the jewellery stores, fabric shops, tailoring shops, saree stores and a lot more lined up.

The exclusive collection of shoes, t-shirts and others are also available in stores. Some of the specific fabric collection is also bought from India and other countries. So, Bur Dubai Souk is a better place for the shoppers to choose and select any type of fabric like velvet, silk, satin, cashmere, wool and other. Just it for sure!

6.    Al Fahidi Street

Al Fahidi is the best place for one to buy any sort of electronic items, be it a cell phone, laptops, cameras or home appliances. In UAE, if you have thought of buying such electronic products then just go to this street without any second thought as this is the best place that let you shop everything you need at cheaper prices.

It is also a busy night market that truly looks so amazing in the darkness filled lights and many people come over to shop the required collection of electronic products here. As any purchase here is tax-free, one who wishes to shop can find everything at the best prices any time. In case, you are planning to buy online, then Jollychic is the right store for you to check for all sort of collection at one place and purchase the required in discount using Jollychic coupons.

These are the 6 popular places to explore the collection, you will find lot more places to shop in Dubai which let you the fashion, accessories and everything that you thought of, from the best brands. Apart from just choosing the activities, spend a great time shopping here that will leave a lifetime experience. In case, if you wish to buy the collection from the online stores, then do check the best shoes at Level Shoes store using Level Shoes coupons to get the best discounts on purchases.


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