7 Tips to Avoid Your Nervousness when Scheduled an Interview!

Interview Nervousness Tips

It is normal to feel a tinge or heaps of nervousness especially if it is your first ever interview. Owing to the fact that the competition is cut throat and the pressure of giving our best shot is rising, feeling nervous is natural.

But, you can still keep it under control and appear calm on the surface.

Do you want to know how? Well, here are several tips to ensure that you keep the nervousness under wraps.

  1. Go well prepared – Lack of preparation is one of the core reasons as to why the nervousness overpowers you. Go well prepared for every round. Brush up your communication skills and research well. Also, be thorough about your arena of functioning and profession. Ample of preparation makes you less prone to nervousness.
  2. Dress Rehearsal – Dress rehearsal is a good idea to cop up with the nervousness. There might be several questions that are expected, rehearse on that. Work on how you would stand. Work on how would you sit and speak. This helps in taking out the nervousness by making you believe that you have already practiced and you know it all.
  3. Be Honest – Nervousness often occurs due to dishonesty in the communication. Whether it is your CV or anything that you spoke verbally, ensure that you stay genuinely honest to them. Bluffing can end up increasing nervousness besides costing you the job opportunity in case the recruiters find out the truth.
  4. Think Positive – Thinking positively greatly aids in keeping yourself calm. If your attitude is negative towards yourself or the company then you are bound to feel nervous. Instead, it is suggested that you better change your approach. Do not think that interview is an interrogation session where making mistakes would be a sin. Take it like a positive opportunity instead where you should pose your best to the recruiters.
  5. Laugh Out Loud – All right, it might sound silly but it works. Laugh as loudly as you can prior your interview. Laughing generated the ‘feel good hormones’ that tends to relax us. It helps in replacing the nervousness with confidence and joyous feel.
  6. Admit it – We all are humans and bound to feel the nervousness especially if this is the first ever interview. So, it is okay to tell the recruiters that you are a little nervous. This showcases a human side of you and creates a comfort zone between you two parties.
  7. Listen to a Good Music – Music can scientifically relax your mind. The relaxation would help you in getting rid of nervousness by restoring the calmness in your mind. It uplifts your mood and charges you. Give yourself some time and listen to good music and you would be good to go.

You need not get anxious over your nervousness since it is natural and normal. All you need to do is take deep breathe and prepare your mind to believe that things are not going to turn worse. Remember these tips and let us know how it helped you.



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