5 easy ways in which an HR can help their employees to adapt to a new work setting

Struggling for their sustenance in times of this health crisis, brands across the world are actively engaged in changing their work settings. With virtual meetings and work from home redefining the work environments, the HR departments are having a tough time to support their employees.

Additionally, limited digital literacy is adding up to the chaos. Despite HR’s best efforts, employees are still thriving in a stressful work environment. As a result, such conditions are hampering a company’s progress with low work efficiency and revenue loss.

Understanding this ordeal of HR, we bring forward some simple strategies that an HR can implement to support their employees. These strategies will help employees to adapt to their new work settings.

Set-up a Dedicated Tech Support

Not every employee of your organization is going to be well-versed with technical knowledge. At such times, the presence of a dedicated tech support team can be a great help to such employees.

With a little tech support, they can easily learn to set-up virtual meetings and presentations.

Virtual Corporate Training

With competitive work environments, power skills (digital skills + soft skills + technical skills) are soon going to be the need of the hour.

By incorporating virtual corporate training sessions, HR can prepare their employees to sustain the changing work dynamics.

Establishing Mental Support Helplines

As the fear of future uncertainty looms across, employees are bound to need mental well-being support. In such a situation, an HR can either have an in-house helpline or make an alternative provision that will help employees to de-stress.

Such consideration on part of an organization for its employees nurtures a strong employee-employer relationship.

Digital Team-building Exercises

To keep up with positive and productive team bondings, an HR can organize some entertaining digital team-building exercises on weekends. It can either be a fun Bollywood quiz or a musical activity.

Irrespective of the game type, the motive here is to retain the fun element and foster a feeling of being connected among the employees.

Productive Virtual Workshops

Arranging virtual workshops on time management, digital work operations, stress management or leadership skills is a great way to empower your employees. These workshops will not just increase their work efficiency but also will teach them to maintain a work-life balance.

Likewise, increased work efficiency is bound to drive revenues for the brand.

Having said that, if a brand wants to survive in this critical scenario then it has to adopt a people-centric approach. Lay-offs are not the solution. Your employees are not your liabilities.

If supported and trained in the right way by an HR, they can be transformed into a productive workforce. Perhaps, such a productive workforce will certainly prove beneficial for a brand to withstand the pressure of this health crisis.


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