Investment Opportunity in 2020

Investment Opportunity in 2020

2020 witnessed the economy across the globe crashing. Some of us even lost our jobs while some of us faced the payment deductions. Saving and investing money became crucial than ever. This year taught us what seems perfectly normal is a blessing and you never know when the tables can literally turn & you end up in a pit. Thus, it has become more important than ever to save and invest at this point in time

If you are blessed with the money right now, it is your time to invest it in the right places. Here is a compiled list of investment options that you can have a look at in 2020.

  1. Mutual Funds:
    Like any other salaried employee, it is crucial on your part to invest in mutual funds and get started. Mutual funds are relatively safe and come with a combination of risk as well as safety. Research a little about it and go ahead with the mutual funds of your choice. Currently, there are numerous applications that can easily facilitate this process.

2. Go for gold:
Gold has been preferred as an investment instrument for ages now. Grandmother and mother of generations have been informally investing in gold for good returns. Since the price of gold keeps on increasing, buying gold bricks and then selling it off later definitely gives you a good return.

3. Direct Equity:
Direct equity is considered the best one for the younger generation. The risk involved is balanced in this instrument of investment. However, a thorough understanding of its functioning is a must before going ahead with it.

4. Public provident funds
One of the safest investment instruments is the public provident funds. These help you invest better and have a safe return. The risk involved in this is mostly low which is why the older generation prefers this method of investment widely. The lock-in period ranges from 15 to 20 years based on the amount preferred. Expenses like marriage and education are often handled by these.

Apart from these, there are many other schemes that are both private and governmental in nature that can be used for investment.

There are 3 parameters based on which investment opportunities are classified. These parameters are as follows –

1. Low-risk investment:
These are mostly the safest ones. Since the risk involved is less even the returns are relatively low. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to take bigger risks.

2. Medium risk investment:
If you are someone who likes to play safe and yet enjoys good returns on the investment then this one is for you.

3. High-risk investment:
High-risk investment definitely gives away good returns however, since the risk is high it is not preferred by the middle-class population.

If you are blessed with the job that pays well, save, and invest now more than ever.


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