10 Methods to Avoid and Cure Neck Pain

Neck Pain: Reading, writing, cooking, and cleaning are a few essential activities. But have you noticed anything common in them? They all need a downward movement of the neck. However, keeping our neck in a downward position for a long time may cause neck pain. It may even lead to degenerative diseases like cervical spondylitis.

Here are a 10 methods to avoid and cure Neck Pain:

  1. Maintain correct body posture while sitting, standing, walking and sleeping.
    Correct spinal alignment is essential to avoid neck pain. Sitting, standing, walking and sleeping incorrectly for too long can deform the spine’s shape and make it stiff.
  2. Use the correct pillow while sleeping.
    Using the wrong pillow can cause and increase neck pain. Your pillow should neither be too high nor too low. If you already have neck pain, use pillows specifically designed for neck pain.
  3. Drink enough water.
    Drinking less water cause tense muscles, which can lead to neck pain. So keep drinking water according to your body’s needs.
  4. Set your laptop or computer at eye level.
    Bending your head down to work on a mobile or laptop disturbs your spinal alignment and causes neck pain. To correct your posture, use mobile, and laptop stands.
  5. Try to sleep on the floor for at least two hours per day.
    Sleeping on the floor corrects the shape of the neck and spine. You may use a clean yoga mat or regular mat for relaxing and sleeping at least two hours a day.
  6. Do neck and shoulder exercises daily.
    Exercising is a must for a flexible and healthy neck. But, learn exercise from an expert and continue them even if the pain leaves.
  7. Neck Belt
    Wear a neck belt to correct your posture while doing those works that demand bending your neck and shoulders.
  8. Neck Massager
    Massaging your neck increases the blood circulation in your cervical region. However, it will release tension and pain from your neck. While massaging, be gentle so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  9. Take a break in between
    While working or studying, take a break every two hours and stretch a little. Doing neck stretching between your work keeps correcting your spinal posture and protects you from pain.
  10. Use hands-free for talking on the phone.
    Tilting your head to one side for talking on the phone may cause or increase neck pain. So, it is advisable to use hands-free. For a healthy neck, exercises are needed, but it is equally important to make little changes to your lifestyle. Otherwise, improvements will take time to show up.


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