How to choose your Career wisely

Since childhood, we all have been asked about the career we want to pursue. Usually, little kids are clueless about it. Still, eventually, they pick from the options randomly presented to them by their teachers, parents and relatives.

How to choose your Career wisely

Isn’t it ironic that kids joyously pick a domain and daydream about that career, even before appreciating a profession’s demands and deliverables? Elders either laugh or encourage children when they hear their career choices. Unfortunately, this approach can mislead children in the wrong direction because once a thought is planted in a child’s head, she may spend many years trying to enter into a misfit profession. And if she fails to settle into the ignorantly chosen career, then the sense of failure may strangle her for the rest of her life.

It is essential that before deciding what you should become in the future, understand your inclinations, interests, strengths, weakness, and personal traits. It is essential to embrace the present for a beautiful and successful future.

A profession is not just about finances but also about job satisfaction. You spent too many hours of your life on your job. And if the paycheck is your only drive to continue in a job, you may burn out soon, and your job will soon be a reason for depression and frustration. To avoid these problems of a job and grow in your career, it is essential to enjoy the work. If this happens, then you would not need to wait for the paycheck to feel the accomplishment. Instead, you can feel it in every hour of your work.

But, everything has a cost, and this pleasure doesn’t come for free. You should put effort into introspection and research to arrive at the right career. Following are a few questions that you should ask before choosing a career-

  1. If You knew you would receive unconditional support, what would you choose?
  2. What would you choose if you already knew that you would definitely succeed?
  3. If all your material needs are taken care of, would you still do this job?
  4. Would you move out of your comfort zone for this job?
  5. Are you willing to grow and improve even without incentives?

Answering these questions bravely and honestly will reveal your true inclinations and guide you toward your passion.

Before choosing a career, we brainstorm and answer many ‘Whys?’ to ourselves and others. But, in the middle of the job, when the workload starts burdening you and the job begins to try your patience, then all of a sudden, all the answers to whys stop making sense. However, if you have chosen the right career, then under chaos and pressure, you will swiftly move on from the ‘why’ to the ‘why not’ and continue enjoying your job.


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