UAE Ranks World’s Second Safest Country – Why and How!

UAE Ranks World's Second Safest Country - Why and How!

From the survey of UK based Which? Travel magazine, the UAE is ranked as the second safest country in the world, out of the 20 ranked countries. It is just behind the country, Iceland. In-fact, both the countries UAE and Iceland are given a score of 6.6 by the magazine. It beats the popular holiday destinations like, France, Italy, Singapore, USA and Thailand.

The report is relied based on the data provided by the World Economic Fund (for crime rates), the World Risk Report (for major natural disaster likelihood), the NHS Fit for Travel website (for health risks) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office‘s (FCO) assessment on terrorism risk levels.

UAE came out as second, In terms of crime risks, ahead of the countries like, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco and Barbados. In a survey it is found out that 96.8% of the people feel, that it is safe to walk out at night in UAE. This is possible due to the strong presence of law enforcement and high standard of security surveillance, throughout the country. Though in the Middle East area, due to the political unrest, many Arab countries are being labelled as “dangerous” and unsafe, but UAE managed to succeed to top the list and remains unaffected. It also has one of the best air transport system in terms of both connectivity and infrastructure and secured. This turns the tourism and entertainment sector remains as a key pillar of the economy of UAE. Along with this, UAE also offers outstanding business environment.

Out of the 20 holiday destinations, unsurprisingly, Iceland came out as the safest country. As only 36 people has been murdered since 2000, an average of around 2 people per year. Though it is tragic, but statistically it means, that it is the world’s most peaceful nations. The worst rated countries in the report were the South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, India and Mexico.

As per the report, UAE is also indicated as the third least likely country, that may suffer from any natural disaster. Behind the countries, Barbados and Iceland and just ahead of the countries, Singapore and France. The country Japan, found to be the most likely place for a natural disaster, having a risk of 13.47%.

Regarding health-related concerns, UAE was found to be at “low risk”, while anywhere terrorism cannot be rules out. According to the FCO, terrorism is likely in the UAE and very likely in the countries like, Australia, Jordan, France, USA, India, Thailand and Turkey. The FCO website mentioned that attacks could be indiscriminate, including in the places visited by the foreigners.

For the second consecutive year, Abu Dhabi is considered as the safest city in the world, by Numbeo, the crowdsourced global data website. Out of the 338 cities in the data, Dubai came out in the 11th place.

These reports show another proof, that the UAE is moving firmly towards being “the best country in the world”, as it was envisioned by the country’s leaders.


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