Six ways you can improve your Handwriting

Handwriting is something that is of extreme importance to all of us. We might complete our schooling or even our college with not so good handwriting. But when we enter the professional world it is at least better if we have handwriting that I’d legible.

There are numerous ways in which one can improve their handwriting. Few of which are listed below:

1. Use a nice pen: Yes, a pen that we use plays a vital role in handwriting. You may take a gel pen or a ball pen. What matters is the width and grip of the pen. You can try out different pens available and can choose one pen for your daily practice ensuring that it gives you a consistent and good flow.

2. Practice drills: This is one of the best and most practiced ways to improve one’s handwriting. Take a paper and do a drill practice. Draw various designs smoothly and once you get the consistent flow try writing at a stretch which will help you improve your handwriting. You may also visit easy drawing guides for basic drawing tips.

3. Have a relaxed grip: For good handwriting, it is necessary that you have a grip that is constant throughout. Hold the pen firmly and in a comfortable manner. Many people don’t have a good grip due to which the writing keeps differing.

4. Practice worksheets: The best way to improve your writing is to practice on various worksheets every now and then. Be it plain or cursive writing take a worksheet, start scribbling with a uniform grip and you will for sure come out with beautiful handwriting with each passing day.

5. Write on lined paper: Whenever you write there are chances that the sentences might go upside down in a slanting manner. Yes, it does happen. To make your work beautiful and neat write on a lined paper or if you are using a plain sheet put a lined paper beneath so that you can write in a better way. This is a good practice to make your writing look neat and readable.

6. Sneak into practice: Just like anything you do comes with practice, so does writing. The more you practice the better you become. As it is said, ” Practice makes a man perfect “. Make it a habit to write one page daily. You can start writing journals daily about how your day went by just in simple sentences.

Thus, practicing the above techniques will eventually help you make your handwriting better and beautiful with each passing day. Good handwriting also defines you in many ways. Handwriting may be neat someday or not so neat the other day. But at least make sure that your writing is legible to you and the other person.


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