Signs that you are working too much

At times it so happens that while we work, we forget our boundaries and also forget that we have a family. We tend to work overtime and that not only affects our personal life but also leads to various problems related to our health.

Signs that you are working too much

It is equally important for you to balance your work life and personal life so that you lead a smooth and stress-free life. Working overtime is not recommended because your health might get affected to a greater extent.

Here are few signs that depict you working for longer than usual hours.

1. Alcohol addict: Because of enormous stress and tensions in your life at the workplace you tend to take alcohol so that you feel stress-free and enjoy that moment. In your free time when you come back home after a stressful day, you make sure to have alcohol to feel a little pleasure after a long day at work.

2 Sleep is affected: If you work for longer hours your sleep gets disturbed and so does the entire day later on. Because of overtime you go home late and sleep late. But you do wake up on time the next day to get back to work. The day feels longer than ever if you are extremely tired. But yet you don’t stop working.

3. You have shoulder and neck pain: Sitting all day long at one place and working can affect your health and can lead to body pains. You make have severe shoulder pain and neck pain. Body pains would keep you always irritated. So that’s why overtime is not recommended. 

4. You feel fatigued the entire day: Due to long day work you don’t get proper sleep and that will make you feel absolutely tired the entire time. You don’t feel like working and feel like having rest. But you are so overloaded with work that you don’t get time to sleep and that affects your work because you cannot work.

5. Your heart also works long: as you give your entire time to your work than required. Only one thing runs in your heart and soul that is work. Your entire body is stressed and so is your heart because you don’t find time for yourself and you are no more a happy living person.

6. You wait for weekend: you eagerly wait for the weekend because you want to enjoy and relax and it’s not less than living just for weekends kind of life. You just wonder all the time as to when will Sunday come so that you can relax.

So yes, these are the signs that tell you that you are working overtime. And it is absolutely not advisable because your physical and mental health are affected badly.


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