7 Ways to Reduce Tension Headache

The most common kind of headache in a highly competitive and tech world of ours is a tension headache. Many people suffer from it ranging from mild to severe intensities. There are various causes of tension headaches like improper food, stress factors, temperature, and the activities you do all day. As there are many ways to trigger a tension headache, there are various ways to soothe that too.

7 Ways to Reduce Tension Headache

7 Ways to Reduce Tension Headache

• Meditate: Meditation lets your mind focus and prevents you from tensing your mind and body due to work. It increases your activity and is the easiest way to calm yourself from a tension headache. Combining it with calming music and an ambient atmosphere may give the best results.

• Take therapy: Apart from the medicinal treatment; various therapies like Acupuncture, Behavioral therapy, Relaxation techniques, body massages help to relax your body and mind. These techniques may help you release the stress and feel calmer. Each of these therapies has different procedures, for example, acupuncture uses needles to reduce stress from your body while Behavioral therapies focus on a way to make you realize what stresses you, why it stresses and how can you stop yourself from doing that. You can even try giving yourself a small ‘self-massage for mild headaches but it is always advisable to sign up for therapies by experienced professionals.

• Sleep posture: Holding and clenching in some parts of your body while sleeping also causes headaches. So try to change your postures for better results. You can try sleeping with a pillow on your side or sleep on your back. Choose a posture where your head and neck are in a neutral position. This also increases the quality of sleep and lets you have fresher a mind the next day.

• Screen break: The blue rays coming from devices with a screen come with many adversities just like insomnia, headache, and skin problems. As in this technological world ignoring screens altogether is impossible, you can manage your screen time. Use it when you need it the most and try to reduce unnecessary use. This will fix your sleep schedule, make you have better meals which will, in turn, minimize your stress, headache and make you feel more lively.

• Exercise: Exercise, in its various forms, yoga, and cardio, releases toxins from your body. This also diverts your mind from your overburdened work/study life which is most probably the reason for your stress. Exercising works your body out and induces sleep which is a certified headache reliever.

• Practice Medication: Above, we listed several natural approaches towards a headache but for longer or episodic headaches you should prefer the immediate way of help, that is, of course, medicines. Several drugs like Aspirin, Aspirin, have proven to be helpful in such situations. Caution: Do not take these medicines without a prescribed dose from a certified medical practitioner.


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