SEO for Coupon Sites: Strategy To Scale A Coupon Blogs

More and more entrepreneurs offering digital discount coupons are using SEO to scale up their coupon blogs. In this day and age, the relevance of a company depends greatly on its searchability on Google. Literally, many companies go bankrupt because they do not know how to promote their sites on the internet.

SEO for Coupon Sites

Ever since Google has been a thing, SEO has been an essential strategy for many companies to promote their products. From ebooks to games to software, if your company has a website, you better know how to make your company visible on online searches. This is especially true for discount coupon websites. If you are searching for discount coupons, you can just google for it and you will find the best website to find the best deals out there.

Many companies online are part of an SEO-based strategy for marketing known as affiliate programs. In affiliate marketing, a company gets the services of other merchants to increase their searchability online. For digital discount coupons, the benefits of scaling up a coupon blog through SEO are endless.


If you have a Coupon company, the following are just some of the major benefits that you will get if you scale up through SEO:

  • INCREASED CUSTOMER AWARENESS: Traditional coupons are often associated with old people. However, digital discount coupons are mostly accessible to young people. With an affiliate program, you can specifically target your core market in the promotion of your coupon blogs. This way, you can increase customer awareness of your brand and your blogs. As your core market uses Google to search for discount coupons, your coupon blogs would be the first thing they see on the search results.
  • POSITIVE RECEPTION OF YOUR BRAND AND BLOG: Without an SEO strategy, the websites that usually make it on top of Google searches are usually the most reputable websites such as news websites. Through SEO, you can make your coupon blog rank high in Google searches and earn the same reputation as other more reputable sites.
  • INCREASED SALES: Perhaps the biggest benefit of using SEO for Coupon Sites as a strategy to scale coupon blogs is increased sales. The more searchable your coupon blog on the website, the more people visiting it. The more people on your website, the bigger the likelihood that they will avail of the coupons you are offering.  Thus, increasing the sales of your coupon blog.


Here are some of the best tips we recommend before you dabble into SEO to level up your coupon blog’s promotion:

  • CHOOSE APPROPRIATE MERCHANTS CAREFULLY: Remember, this is a business deal. Just because it is online, the level at stake with choosing the right affiliate partner is the same or even greater with an online SEO partner. Look out for their previous job. Find out which sites they have promoted. The more websites they have successfully promoted, the better the chance that they can do the same for your company.
  • SET COMMISSION BASED ON THE RESULTS OF THE PROMOTION. At the negotiation stage, make sure to create different levels of compensation. A common mistake of many companies is paying only for their efforts. In order to ensure that the promotions being conducted really make a difference on your site’s popularity online, set the commissions based on the results of the SEO strategy. You can pay a certain amount for traffic and another amount for actual sales. This way, your partner company will aim to make the traffic they send to your website buy your discount coupons.
  • MONITOR ACTIVITIES AND OUTCOMES: Make sure that you provide yourself with the right facts when deciding. Let the data speak for themselves. Find out how your affiliate strategy is affecting your sales. Track the strategy implementation as well as the outcomes. You can monitor all components of the strategy by requiring regular reports of efforts from your partner merchants. Then, using the information you got, review your sales. See if there are changes. Look for kinks in the process and straighten these up.
  • PARTNER WITH MULTIPLE SEO COMPANIES: There are a lot of fishes in the sea, so they say. When it comes to SEO, you can choose as many partners as you can to get better results. The more online merchants promoting your coupon blog, the better the likelihood of your site making on top of everyone’s Google searches.
  • LEARN ABOUT SEO AND UPDATE YOURSELF WITH NEW TRENDS IN SEO: The most important thing is learning the craft thoroughly. You can make a better judgment in this strategy if you know how it works from all angles. There are many websites that can literally teach you everything there is to know about the affiliate program.


SEO should not be just an afterthought. If you really desire to make your coupon a success, then we offer the tips above to help you start scaling up your coupon blogs with SEO.


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