Reasons why 25 is the Ideal Time to get Hitched

Each time you log onto your social media, one of your buddies or acquaintances have got hitched. OWN UP! It’s a total frustration to find the man who never got a woman in life is all teeth with his sisters-in-law. You think about breaking your laptop screen and shouting your heart out.

As if this wasn’t sufficient for you to be fuming. The evening chai, these days holds more queries from your mother than the cardamom. She would inquire if you are seeing someone. If not, BLESS YOU! She would corroborate your aunty and the search for the perfect groom or bride would pull off a new aspect.

This is the same tale for all desi women and men.

Logic and science justify that 25 is the ideal age to get hitched. If you are questioning how and why, well we have a few reasons to endow.


By the time you hit the age of 25, you have devoured the three-course supper of monogamy and promiscuity. You have seen a lot and by now you are familiar with what you dislike and like in your companion. This offers you the knack to make a good option and make certain your association doesn’t get bitter.


Urban India’s actual estate costing is off the chart. On the other hand, the good thing is, Indians are getting into work by the age of 21 or 22 years of age. So going by the formula, by 25 women or men at least own or have a roof above their head. They at least make a decent earning where they can afford that roof above their heads. And also by this time, one recognized what he wishes to do in life and where to settle down.


The initial four years of any occupation require some grave head-down concentration. The bringing in of another person, letting somebody into your life, will unavoidably detract from that tunnel-foresight goal. After 25, you are more expected to have a hard grasp of your success and expertise in a bifocal line of attack to life. You never desire to be the girl or guy who has to confess your occupation slay your relationship.


After you join up your work, you begin comprehending your perseverance and passion. You can be a better arbitrator of everyday circumstances when you pass 25. Going by enthusiasm, people get hitched in their early 20s, only to understand it’s not working out after you hit 30.


You can, at last, make your buddies with their partners green-eyed. Set up a few support tours to African and Latin America coastline. So do all your tasks with priority by 25. Once you are done with them, it’s at last time for you to put a ring on the finger. You don’t want to have regrets, do you?


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