How to Keep Yourself Marketable During Job Search?

How to Keep Yourself Marketable During Job Search?

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Indeed! That’s what the job market has been presently hustling and bustling about. Getting to the employer’s list of selected candidates, being known amongst the industry experts and making a name for yourself in the industry. Think about it, your skills are the sole constraint that play a major hand at making you visible in front of those who are some real help in career progression.

Over the past couple of years, one could easily see job seekers getting disappointed over social media and expressing their concerns about the diminishing number of jobs, be it in any field. Well, it is really not that big-a-problem. All that employers’ need before hiring is to have the right insight about the field pertinent skills you hold and your professional qualities that come along. For some, it seems like an issue as they find difficult to ‘market’ themselves the right away.

Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you market your skills in the right way. Stay close and drop sufficient glances to keep yourself employable.

Social Media Helps a Great Deal

Believe it or not, social media has a big-big role to play during your job search. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, platforms like these will always enhance your visibility and give you sufficient opportunities to share your ideas and innovations about your industry. Not only this, you can join groups and communities to participate in discussions held on these on a regular basis.

For those on Twitter and LinkedIn, follow people and influencers who are vocal when it comes to job shares and advices. These are potential referrals you can earn by being regular in online discussions. This also requires for you to create the right online profile, one that deems appropriate   to the profession of your choice.

Get Some Expert Advice

For sure, you have been working to build a professional network, and it has worked in your favor to quite an extent. Still, you have mentors and seniors who are ahead in terms of experience and have faced a similar situation in life. Never abstain from asking for help and advices that work practically. Get solutions they would’ve adopted if they were in your shoes. This way you know what to market and things that need to stay above the fold.

Stay Realistic regarding Job Opportunities

There are a number of times you find college students and fresh-graduates pre-deciding the kind of company and job title they are going to work with. It just doesn’t happen this way. There are things that can’t be pre-determined simply. Living under such notions, you hold yourself back from showcasing your skills and qualifications to a majority of your network. This way you will see more doors shut than global opportunities opening up for you. Develop qualities that employers around the globe desire and keep all options open. Marketing yourself has to start from somewhere, why not grab the first one!

Maintain your Visibility

A mistake committed by a number of candidates around the world is making first attempts at marketing their skills and then leaving the entire process as it is. You need to have a glint in your eye regarding the future responsibilities as well. All that’s required is frequent replies, making information flow in the direction of various recruiters and developing a consistent professional image with people in your network.

The bottom line is – marketing is all about knowing the maximum about you and presenting all that stand desirable as per the job role. No rocket science, it is just the approach that matters!


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