How to Infuse Enthusiasm at Work

How to Infuse Enthusiasm at Work

“Enthusiasm is by far the highest paid quality on earth, probably because it is one of the rarest; yet it is one of the most contagious.”

Being enthusiastic at work is a quality that everyone should have, not because the workplace requires it, but because it is highly beneficial as it makes you more productive and also gives you a lot of confidence at the same time. Enthusiasm for something always helps you achieve a particular goal faster than any other means. It opens up a lot of opportunities for you as people around you get positive vibes from you.
If you’re finding it difficult to infuse enthusiasm, here are a few tips:

  1. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people
    Enthusiasm really is contagious. The first and foremost principle of inspiring yourself is to get into an environment which motivates you to do some work. And no one is good at making their work look like a piece of cake than the people who are enthusiastic about it.
  1. Act more Enthusiastic
    Another way to increase your enthusiasm is to act like you’re really enthusiastic, because change isn’t caused in a day. So if you act like it, it slowly gets into your routine and with time it becomes a habit.
  1. Define a Goal
    Having a goal is one of best ways to motivate you, it may be long term goals or short term goals, having an eye for the prize always inspires you to work with even more enthusiasm.
  1. Be Optimistic
    Being optimistic is something you should adopt as a habit in life in general. Ignore the naysayers; don’t listen to people who don’t give you constructive criticism. Never forget there are always two sides of a coin, success and failure. Always learn from your failures, but remember the times you have succeeded and how enthusiastic you were, draw inspiration from your successes.
  1. Approach the problems one by one
    You can’t solve the problems of the world in a day and the best way to solve any set of problems is going at it one by one. Focus on one thing and approach it with a steady mind and a consistent approach. As you solve any one problem, you’ll get more motivated for taking up the next one and with each one your enthusiasm levels increase.
  1. A Role Model
    Having a role model is one of the best ways to get motivated in life. You can have anyone as your role model; it can be a friend, a colleague from work, or people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. They are the best kind of people to look up to, because these people are dedicated and passionate about what they do. And as you see them work you draw inspiration out of them and start putting more enthusiasm in your work.
  1. Working Collaboratively
    Team work is one of the greatest ways to accomplish things, and working in a team always keeps you motivated because all the effort put in by each and every team member keeps you motivated and keeps the enthusiasm of the team high, which in turn builds up your enthusiasm for a particular work.
  1. Be Creative
    Sometimes, when you’re assigned a certain work it is difficult to remain motivated to do that it in a single stretch, in such a case find ways to make the job more creative. For example: if you are working in a team, you can convert it into a game and this will give you more enthusiasm to do the task.
  1. Have Fun
    Having fun while doing a particular job is one of the very basic condition to remain motivated for it. If you’re having fun while doing your work, you’re already very passionate about it and you’ll have a lot of enthusiasm for it. Also, being creative makes the task fun for you. Because, creativity and fun always go hand in hand.

It is not always easy to be enthusiastic about things in life, but living an enthusiastic life is always much better than not living one. So if you feel you could use some enthusiasm in your work, acknowledge it and start as soon as possible. Because the sooner you start, the better it’ll get.


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