How to Identify Foreign Money

Foreign exchnage moneyMoney is necessary and is used all around the world. Almost every country across the globe uses a different type of money or currency. When traveling to different countries it is is important to be able to identify the local currency. Travelers should be able to identify what country the money comes from and how much it is worth. Having an eye for detail and being well informed makes identifying foreign currency easy.

1. Look for any writing on the money. You may be able to recognize the language. This may give you a clue as to where the money is from.

2. Find the name of the country on the money. Often times this will be written in English, but sometimes it will not be. If you cannot understand the writing on the money search for it on the Internet. Online you can find out what the words or phrases found on foreign money mean.

3. Look for the denomination of the bills or coins. These are most always written in a prominent position and are easy to read. These will tell you how much each bill or coin is worth.

4. Search online for pictures of foreign money. Once you think you know what kind of money you have, do a search online for a picture of it just to make sure.

5. Take the money to the bank if you cannot figure out what type it is. Bank tellers have been trained to identify foreign currency and will be able to tell you what it is.


To know on how the exchange rate is fluctuating, suggest you to use an online currency converter program to find out how much the foreign currency is worth in your country.


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