GCC Remit

GCC Remit LogoGCC Remit is the ultimate shop for all your transaction needs. Customers can send and receive money instantly from every corner of the globe using GCC Remit. With the most modern remittance facilities at bay, customers are assured of more freedom and control at GCC Remit. For us, customers are the topmost priority.

Key benefits of using GCC Remit include:
• Budget-friendly
• Reliable
• Convenient payment services
• Stable
• Safer and precise delivery to the beneficiaries of the remittances across the globe

We have established partnership with third-party agents through a global network. These third-party agents would be responsible for making use of our product and thereby allowing the beneficiaries to gather funds in US Dollars, Euro or the local currency of the specific country.
A brief overview of regular functioning at a GCC Remit location
• You will have to approach our authorized GCC Remit agent at the location along with the accurate beneficiary details and also an ID proof from your side.
• You will receive a ‘Send Form’ which has to be filled and returned to the agent along with the amount.
• The payment will be then processed by the authorized agent and then a GCC Remit Cash Receipt would be returned to you with a system generated GCCN code number.
• The GCCN code number has to be taken note of and should be conveyed to the beneficiary for receiving the payment.
• You will have to ask the receiver to approach the authorized agent at the destination country for receiving the money which would be available within minutes.
• The beneficiary will then approach the GCC Remit authorized agent and will be given a Receive form which have to be filled with accurate details.
• The GCCN code number obtained from the sender along with a valid photo identity proof such as passport, national ID or PAN card has to be given to the authorized agent.
• The agent will then verify the ID proof and will match the system generated code number. The beneficiary will then receive the payment.

GCC Remit offers comprehensive services that are hassle-free and tailored to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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