VIVO Indian Premier League 2018 Full Schedule and Venues Announced

VIVO Indian Premier League 2018 Full Fixtures

IPL 2018: Full schedule and venues
Date Match Time  (IST) Venue
Apr-07 MI vs CSK 8 p.m. Mumbai
Apr-08 DD vs KXIP 4 p.m. Delhi
Apr-08 KKR vs RCB 8 p.m. Kolkata
Apr-09 SRH vs RR 8 p.m Hyderabad
Apr-10 CSK vs KKR 8 p.m. Chennai
Apr-11 RR vs DD 8 p.m. Jaipur
Apr-12 SRH vs MI 8 p.m. Hyderabad
Apr-13 RCB vs KXIP 8 p.m. Bengaluru
Apr-14 MI vs DD 4 p.m. Mumbai
Apr-14 KKR vs SRH 8 p.m. Kolkata
Apr-15 KXIP vs CSK 8 p.m. Indore
Apr-16 KKR vs DD 8 p.m. Kolkata
Apr-17 MI vs RCB 8 p.m. Mumbai
Apr-18 RR vs KKR 8 p.m. Jaipur
Apr-19 KXIP vs SRH 8 p.m. Indore
Apr-20 CSK vs RR 8 p.m. Chennai
Apr-21 KKR vs KXIP 4 p.m. Kolkata
Apr-21 DD vs RCB 8 p.m. Delhi
Apr-22 SRH vs CSK 4 p.m. Hyderabad
Apr-22 RR vs MI 8 p.m. Jaipur
Apr-23 KXIP vs DD 8 p.m. Indore
Apr-24 MI vs SRH 8 p.m. Mumbai
Apr-25 RCB vs CSK 8 p.m. Bengaluru
Apr-26 SRH vs KXIP 8 p.m. Hyderabad
Apr-27 DD vs KKR 8 p.m. Delhi
Apr-28 CSK vs MI 8 p.m. Chennai
Apr-29 RR vs SRH 4 p.m. Jaipur
Apr-29 RCB vs KKR 8 p.m. Bengaluru
Apr-30 CSK vs DD 8 p.m. Chennai
May-01 RCB vs MI 8 p.m. Bengaluru
May-02 DD vs RR 8 p.m. Delhi
May-03 KKR vs CSK 8 p.m. Kolkata
May-04 KXIP vs MI 8 p.m. Mohali
May-05 CSK vs RCB 4 p.m. Chennai
May-05 SRH vs DD 8 p.m. Hyderabad
May-06 MI vs KKR 4 p.m. Mumbai
May-06 KXIP vs RR 8 p.m. Mohali
May-07 SRH vs RCB 8 p.m. Hyderabad
May-08 RR vs KXIP 8 p.m. Jaipur
May-09 KKR vs MI 8 p.m. Kolkata
May-10 DD vs SRH 8 p.m. Delhi
May-11 RR vs CSK 8 p.m. Jaipur
May-12 KXIP vs KKR 4 p.m. Mohali
May-12 RCB vs DD 8 p.m. Bengaluru
May-13 MI vs RR 8 p.m. Mumbai
May-14 KXIP vs RCB 8 p.m. Mohali
May-15 KKR vs RR 8 p.m. Kolkata
May-16 MI vs KXIP 8 p.m. Mumbai
May-17 RCB vs SRH 8 p.m. Bengaluru
May-18 DD vs CSK 8 p.m. Delhi
May-19 RR vs RCB 4 p.m. Jaipur
May-20 DD vs MI 4 p.m. Delhi
May-20 CSK vs KXIP 8 p.m. Chennai
May-22 Qualifier 1 8 p.m. Mumbai
May-23 Eliminator 8 p.m. TBC
May-25 Qualifier 2 8 p.m. TBC
May-27 Final 8 p.m. Mumbai


Indian Premier League (IPL) Winners Year on Year

2008: Rajasthan Royals
2009: Deccan Chargers
2010: Chennai Super Kings
2011: Chennai Super Kings
2012: Kolkata Knight Riders
2013: Mumbai Indians
2014: Kolkata Knight Riders
2015: Mumbai Indians
2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad
2017: Mumbai Indians



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