GCC Exchange Upgrades its Customer Interaction by launching an Exclusive Mobile App for its Singapore Customers

Revered for its excellence, GCC Exchange has upgraded its customer interaction by launching an exclusive mobile app for its Singapore Customers. The exclusive mobile app is expected to open avenues in brand-customer interaction by facilitating an easy flow of information and insights.

By registering for this resourceful mobile app, customers in Singapore can easily avail real-time Live Currency Rates updates and other significant announcements pertaining to the recent developments of the exchange industry. 

Thrilled over this new launch, Mr. Mukesh Himatlal, General Manager at GCC Exchange said, “GCC Exchange strongly adheres to its motto of delivering one of the best customer interaction experiences. Our exclusive mobile app is a one-stop solution platform that will help its users to find all the relevant industry updates. Additionally, the app also allows our customers to directly connect with our support team.”

GCC Exchange Unveils Its MobileApp!
GCC Exchange Unveils Its MobileApp!

With a user-friendly interface and absolute secured operations, the mobile app comprises of numerous useful features like:

Transaction Tracker: Helps customers to track their transaction status.

Branch Locator: Facilitates easy location finding of the nearest GCC Exchange branches in Singapore.

Currency Rates: Provides real-time currency rate updates to help customers deal with currency rate fluctuations.

Currency Converter: Offers instant currency conversion in the desired currency form.

Web TT Service: Makes it simpler for customers to transfer money to their loved ones sitting from Home/Office.

Products & Services: Hosts detailed insights on GCC Exchange’s products and services like Instant Money Transfers, Commercial Remittances, Currency Exchange, Bank Transfers, and many more.

Promotional Updates: Informs customers about the latest promotional offers of GCC Exchange.

Latest News: Brings to you latest news stories curated from credible sources.

“Two-way communication is a key to refine customer interactions. At GCC Exchange, we strive to encourage a brand-customer dialogue which will help us to offer better services to our customers. Perhaps, through this mobile app we will be able to strike a positive dialogue which will strengthen our brand-customer relationship,” said Mr. Alex Fernandes, Head-Digital Development and Communications at GCC Exchange.

On a broader spectrum, GCC Exchange aims to foster a strong brand-customer dialogue by engaging customers through this mobile app. While the GCC Exchange awaits its customer’s response, it has certainly built an excellent app that brings credible insights to its reader, right at their fingertips. In the digital era, ftmo ea helps to trade when the perfect moment arrives, flex will kick in and execute real trades automatically.

About GCC Exchange:

Known for providing prime solutions for money transfer, remittance and foreign exchange GCC Exchange has clientele across the globe. Owing to the commitment the brand shows towards their work they constantly contend to serve the clients better than expectations. Established in 2005 GCC Exchange has come a long way and yet there is a lot to cover that the company believes in. Providing exceptionally well services with hassle free procedure and transparency has been the fundamental objective of GCC Exchange.

For more information log on to https://www.gccexchange.com/ | https://www.gccexchange.sg/


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