Dubai Expo 2020 – Bringing New Opportunities Together

Expo 2020 Opportunities Dubai

Dubai is termed as a paradise for investors and when events as big as Expo 2020 is being organized, it is surely not to be missed.

International events are sea of opportunities which can be availed by every individual. Since Dubai is already filled with so many chances of growth and development, such events enhances the impact of those chances. People in every walk of lives, whether they are working in big multi-national organization or in SME can avail these opportunities.

With an estimation of more than 25 million visitors, Dubai expo 2020 will definitely bring in new opportunities for both local and foreigners to work together and create a better place.

Growth Opportunities from Dubai Expo 2020

Following are the areas where Dubai expo 2020 will make a huge impression:

  1. Real Estate:

Real estate business is already flourishing in the UAE and it is one of the most profitable industry. People around the globe looks forward to buy properties in Dubai. Dubai Expo 2020 is already inviting many of the investors who will not only look forward for the exhibition, but also be showing interest in renting or purchasing of properties. Foreigners will likely to buy areas in the Free Zone and develop it further.

  1. Construction Industry:

Advance technology in construction industries will also be one to look forward too. Collaboration with international dealers are also being expected to be made for import and export of raw material. Other than raw materials, architects and engineers are also likely to be visiting Dubai due to strong infrastructure developments of UAE and new partnerships are expected to be made in this sector where there can be a sharing of technologies and knowledge takes place.

  1. Oil and Gas:

Oil and gas sector is one of the un-touched sector of Dubai. Mostly Arabs enjoy their hold there, but as per the theme of Dubai Expo 2020, even the rulers of Dubai now believe in the interconnection and partnerships. Therefore, there is enough room for new investors to either bring in their technologies and engineers for growth and development in this sector as well.

  1. Food Chain:

Diversity is in the culture of Dubai, therefore food chains is also one of the profitable business that will see a boom phase in expo 2020. Business opportunities in Dubai expo 2020 for a food chain lie in providing tourists the best of the food. Also, being a metropolitan city, Dubai had always welcome chefs from all around the globe to open up a business of themselves.  We can expect better cuisines with authentic flavors from their original country.

  1. Alliance of Freelancers:

Another sector, which can have business opportunities in Dubai expo 2020 is the sector of freelancers. They are not restricted to any one division, rather they look for their interest. Freelancers around the globe are applying to be a part of this amazing event. Definitely, many freelancers will be meeting each other which belong from different countries. Gamers, writers, software developers, etc. will all be working jointly for making this event successful. Therefore, their lies opportunities for them as well to share their skill, knowledge and form a new business.

  1. Fashion:

Business opportunities in Dubai for expo 2020 are not restricted to a certain time-frame, but these prospects will keep on going throughout. Dubai is famous for its minimal tax rates, therefore there is already a greater scope for SMEs to start a new venture. Fashion is one of such sector. New designers and artists have a great scope of business in Dubai and to learn new techniques and art from the designers and artists around the globe.

With numerous business opportunities in Dubai expo 2020, it will also create chances of employment as well. Dubai has been already famous among job seekers, but the current quantity of Asians is greater than of others. By the development in many sectors, this will also bring in the requirement of business and skilled professionals not only from one region, but from around the globe to work in the betterment of Dubai.

Therefore, Dubai Expo 2020 business opportunities are numerous, making it an event for every individual from every walk of life.


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    E commerce is growing rapidly in middle east. In this, real estate plays a major role in supply chain strategy, mostly related to warehousing and distribution centres. Thanks for sharing the above information with us.


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