10 Reasons Why Travelling Opens Your Mind

Why Travelling Opens Your Mind

Five years back when 38 year old Ajit, an  Investment Banker, left for his very first solo-trip to Greece hardly had he anticipated that this trip is soon going to change his life forever. Being a nerd, after spending years in his cubicle over screens, he had finally decided to step out of his comfort zone.

And now he all set on the mission to explore the world. Be it tasting the finest cheese in Switzerland, an Opera in Sydney, the Tour de France, a safari in Africa’s Kruger National Park or exploring the Great Grand Canyon, this investment banker turned traveler has explored it all and soon plans to circle the globe. Indeed, travelling can really change your life. Here’s how:

  • Different Perspective: Arguing over the fact whether the glass is empty or half full, often we forget to see the pitcher that was placed right besides the glass. To simplify, every once in a while we need to adopt a different perspective to see things differently.
  • Networking Skills: Travelling to different regions and navigating through language barriers in turn proves useful in developing your networking skills which are sure to help you in dealing with your clients and maintaining corporate image.
  • Overcoming Your Fears: Surviving in a place full of strangers and stepping out of your comfort zone helps you to overcome your fear of the unknown. Besides, once you become fearless, half the battle is already won.
  • Breaking the Monotony: Remember the time when your enthusiasm at work starts draining out and you wonder what exactly happening in your life? Well, it’s the indicator of a much needed vacation to break this monotony.
  • Rediscovering Yourself: Slogging for your boss and then slogging for your family, there’s hardly any scope for the much needed “me time” in your life, rediscovering yourself is totally out of the question in such a scenario. However, when you set out for travelling, it’s this time where you start rediscovering yourself.
  • Experiencing Things: Travelling gives you an opportunity to experience all those things that you can practically imagine. Although you might not succeed at the first attempt but the joy of experiencing things is a pure bliss.
  • Increased Creativity: Ideas often strike at the most unusual places. Perhaps that’s the reason when you are stuck with a problem, backpacking is the best solution. A change in place certainly sets your creative juices flowing.
  • Resilient: Travelling is not all about merry experiences, you are bound to experience certain unfortunate situations which are beyond your control. It is this time when lessons of being resilient are taught by travelling.
  • Survival Skills: Overcoming your language barriers, navigating through unknown lands, learning to manage your finances, self defense, all these survival skills are taught once you set out to explore a new world.
  • Less is more: Coming across people who are happy even with bare two meals a day, makes us realize how trivial our cribbing for lack of branded clothes or most modern electronic devices are.

Practically covering all the ways in which travelling helps your mind is impossible but planning at least one expedition in a year is sure to help you led a happier life. So are you ready to travel to infinity and beyond?


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