Can You Cash a Check at Any Bank?

After receiving a check, people cash them at their bank by depositing it in their bank account. They can also cash their check by showing their ID at the bank by whom that check has been issued. If you do not have an account in a bank, you can go to a check-cashing store or issuing bank in order to cash your check. In case if you have lost your ID, then an ATM can be used for cashing your check.

However, it is not possible to cash your check at any bank. However, some banks will cash large checks. They charge a fee for check cashing. That is why some people wonder about how long are checks good for? The banks cannot cash the check of a person who does not have an account at that bank. They are also not obliged to cash a check written by a person who is not connected to that specific bank. The banks reject cashing such checks.

Can You Cash a Check at Any Bank

The banks require the following things to cash a check:

  • They will cash a check that is written by a person who has an account at that bank.
  • They will check whether your account has enough money that is mentioned on the check.
  • The banks often refuse six old monthly checks.
  • They will check your proper ID for cashing your check.

Thus the banks cannot cash the checks for non-customers.  There are some banks like Chase bank that offer the facility of prepaid debit cards. You do not need to open your account if you have a prepaid debit card. You can cash your check at any bank’s branch or ATM that provides you this card. You just have to pay a certain amount of fee for owning this card.

Besides banks, there are some other places where you can cash your check quickly. Some places are mentioned here:

Check-cashing Retailers:

There are plenty of retailers working at local shops or departmental stores who can cash your check. They can cash every kind of check, even a personal one.  For example, in several cities, Kmart provides a facility for free check cashing. However, other stores charge a fee for cashing a check.

It depends on the amount of money that you want to cash. Walmart charges a 3 to 6 dollars fee for check cashing. Several grocery chains also check cashing services. Their fees range from 50 cents to one dollar.

Check-cashing Outlets:

You can also cash your check at check-cashing outlets. But these outlets are considered the most expensive places for check cashing. They charge fees like 1% to 1% of the check’s face value. If you are cashing a bill with a $1000 amount, you will have to pay a fee between $10 to $120.

Some of these outlets ask for becoming a member. In this case, they will charge you a membership fee and first-time use fee. There is also a risk of deceiving practices at these outlets. So you should go for check-cashing outlets as your last resort.

Mobile Apps and Prepaid Debit Cards for Check Cashing:

Prepaid debit cards are offered by many banks, companies, and retailers. These cards permit you to deposit your check through an ATM or a store. You can also use a mobile device for depositing your bill if you own a debit card. 7-Eleven offers prepaid debit cards with mobile banking features.

It provides a straightforward approach for check deposition by taking a photo of your check. 7-Eleven has a Partnership with First-century bank for providing this service.

 Additionally, prepaid cards can be linked to several mobile apps like Ingo Money. These apps can process business checks as well as personal checks. The fees for a check cashing through the prepaid debit card with a mobile feature vary depending on the amount of money you want to cash. Usually, it charges a 2% fee for depositing a check-up to $250.

How Long are Checks Good For?

According to UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), banks are not obliged to cash a personal or business check older than six months. Some banks can accept a more senior check if they find it suitable. It is best to deposit a check when you receive it.

For example, Personal and business checks are suitable for 180 days, and Cashier’s checks are valid for 90 days. However, if you want to know more details about bills, then the above -mentioned site would help you.


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