Benefits Of Leased Lines For Small Businesses

Leased lines are becoming popular day by day among the UK business community. But most business owners think that these are beneficial and budget-friendly only for large businesses. Recently, dedicated internet connection for small businesses has gained increasing popularity. Small and medium businesses have limited connectivity choices, including fibre broadband, standard copper phone line business broadband, and business leased line. Traditional broadband connections are unreliable and can not provide the required speed; that is why small businesses are also moving towards dedicated internet connections.

Due to the innovation of new technologies such as VoIP technology and cloud-based applications, the speed and stability of internet connection has become much more critical. In addition, remote working has become very common now, and SMEs need a reliable connection to connect to their employees and clients. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of leased lines so that you can understand whether SMEs need it or not.

Benefits Of Leased Lines For Small Businesses

Benefits Of Leased Lines For Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits of dedicated internet lines for small businesses, some of which are as follows:

Uncontended Connection

The most significant advantage of business leased lines is that it is a connection that is dedicated only to your business. It means no other local business is sharing it with you, and you can get a fixed bandwidth even at peak usage time of the day. In simple words, your internet connection will not slow down at the busiest times of the day.

Service Level Agreement

Another advantage small businesses can get with leased lines is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). It describes the minimum service level that you can expect from your internet service provider. It also informs you about the compensation that you will get in case of any faults. Leased line providers usually monitor your connection 24/7 so that if any fault occurs, it can be fixed timely. Small businesses rely on the continuous productivity of their employees for profitability and success. Therefore, they can not afford the loss of connectivity for a few hours. That is why dedicated internet lines can be a perfect option for them.

Fast Upload Speed

When businesses are choosing a connectivity solution, they rarely consider the upload speed. Domestic internet connections come with a download speed that is much higher than the upload speed. However, with a leased line connection, you can get a symmetrical upload and download speed, which is a massive advantage. The upload speed determines how quickly you can send data. With such a connection, you can send large files in no time, save time and increase the productivity of your business.

Highly Secure    

A safe and secure internet connection is a big concern of businesses, regardless of their size. Using a traditional broadband connection that is shared between multiple users is less certain, and it is easier for hackers to breach data and intercept communication. Leased line connection is private and monitored 24/7, so it is difficult for hackers to breach your company data.

Other than these benefits, a dedicated internet connection is highly scalable. You can increase your internet bandwidth and speed according to your business needs without any hassle.

From the above benefits, you can see that the business leased line are not only for large businesses, but they also provide several advantages to the small businesses such as reliability, dedicated connection, symmetrical speed and scalability. However, you should keep in mind that the cost of a dedicated internet line is higher than the traditional broadband connection. So you should keep in mind your business requirements. If your business is internet critical, then it is worth considering a leased line. Otherwise, it can cause pressure on your pocket.


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