A Deep Dive Into the Importance of Being Kind!

Kindness is rare. Across the world, the word ‘Kindness’ is viewed differently. There are those who believe that being kind is the most important aspect to someone being successful. For others the word kindness causes a bit of angst and irritability because it signals to them that they have to be sensitive to the feelings of others, something that is ‘a waste of time’ in their eyes.

Importance of Being Kind!

Well, that’s why I believe it’s important to shed light on this topic. To be kind is to be gentle with someone else’s heart. Even though the world has progressed in so many different ways, sadly the humane quality has suffered an incredible blow.

We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions, pick a fight with someone we disagree with, use sarcastic language every now and then and be impolite and rude when someone asks for help, assistance or advice.

Our lives have become centered around building the world’s version of the greatest success stories. We want to get the highest mark. Our study and work doesn’t seem to matter, if we do not bag the best award. We are constantly pushed to be the best.

Many of us seem to be entangled in the pomp, glamor and splendor of the world. We have begun to believe that ‘Money’, is the only prize worth fighting and living for.

Why have we developed the attitude that it’s alright to let go of humanity’s greatest treasure?

Some of you may argue and say that the world doesn’t stop to appreciate kindness.

Maybe you feel that the kindness you’ve grown up learning about, isn’t enough to help you land that deal or secure that high level position or earn you more money or pay for your bills.

We’ve all encountered instances where kindness hasn’t paid off the way we hoped it would.

But it has made a positive difference sometimes, right?

It has made a difference when that little child felt comforted and cared for, after finding a genuine and caring soul like you.

It made a difference when you asked the barista at your favorite coffee shop how he was doing the other day.

It did make a difference when you stopped at the side of the road and gave the poor man a 5$ note so that he could fill his stomach.

It also made a difference when that tourist down the street looked perplexed and you went by to assist her with her destination.

Let’s not forget, it also made a really huge difference when you listened to your colleague the other day who was troubled and upset about work.

It made a difference when you let the frail lady take the seat in the bus when no one else cared to.

It did make a big impact when a stranger opened up because she saw concern and humanity in your eyes.

These instances of inborn kindness would probably leave you teary.

Maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation before where you have felt a joy that was unexplainable.

These moments create a world that values the true meaning of kindness.

And if you stop and think, what could be more valuable than a random act of kindness?

An act of pure kindness that springs up from the depths of one’s soul to help a desperate soul heal from an emotional, physical or psychological wound ?

If you have experienced these rare, yet powerful acts of kindness sometime in your life, you would definitely agree that it’s a treasure that stays right inside your soul.

Kindness is a part of each one of us, locked inside our deepest being that gets unlocked when we humble ourselves and feel the pain and sadness of others.

Kindness opens up when we learn to listen and understand, when we want to share in the experiences of someone who wouldn’t have made it through.

The true beauty of a kind heart is felt when love and understanding meet in perfect measure and create a moment that lifts two souls up in ways that can only be felt.


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