8 Ways to Avoid Office Politics!

Avoid Office Politics

The workplace is almost like a battlefield that you have to conquer. Not in the terms of physical strength, of course, but with tactics and strategies. Having calm, soothing aura that attracts only the few who are sharing that same mentality, should always be a pointer. Surviving in a new environment is difficult, but never impossible.

Not engaging into office politics through several means can be achieved. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Know that you are always on the Camera: The CCTVs can be one of the important pointers that help you to stay away from office politics. Knowing that your boss and other higher strata officers can look at your doings and hear you out all the time during your job, not engaging into such chitchats are mandatory.
  2. Don’t go on Complaining: It’s not high school anymore; you should avoid petite reasons to complain to your boss. It’s not dignified according to your post. But if some serious talk is required, communicating is recommended.
  3. Know what’s best for Your Future: Going around having office mockery isn’t the best for your future. This might”mark” you to be among the negatives, also being a tick for your boss. You surely will not want that for your future escalations in the office strata, right?
  4. Learn to locate the “few”: Everyone is not going to be your friend in the workspace. You have to choose carefully among your colleagues who can be your mate, and who can’t. Apart from that, you should learn to identify the ones who tend to backstab others. Avoid them.
  5. Stay Alert: Being informed about the office chores is highly important. This keeps you away from office politics, makes you pin point the ones who are engaging in such acts. Make friends with those who want to see you uplift yourself.
  6. Don’t be one of the “few”: Avoiding is one thing, and being one of those who backstab other employees, is another. Do no fall under the influence of your peers who do nothing other than dragging you into their negative space. Don’t be one of those.
  7. Always have a good professional relationship with your boss: You should know that your boss should be one of those with whom you can have a one to one talk. If such an occurrence takes place where it becomes mandatory to discuss the professional politics out, be brave and speak it out.
  8. Don’t go on discussing intimate details about your personal life: At the end of the day, that is your personal life. Talking too much about it only raises chucking issues amongst others.

Following these tips might save your time and embarrassment at the office. Having the correct and strict hang on yourself is hard, but knowing that otherwise the consequences will not be fruitful should stop you from engaging into office politics. At the end of the day, the workplace is still an official environment.


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