8 Places to Travel in Saudi Arabia

8 Places to Travel in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Tourist Places

Saudi Arabia, Islam’s birthplace and spiritual home, where the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina are situated and only Muslims are allowed to enter them. It is also rich in attractions and stirring symbolism. The modern, largest and the capital city of the country, Riyadh is home to a mixed makeup of people despite its strict rules and conservative nature. It has some magnificent shopping malls which can be wandered for days and cultural sites to visit. Jeddah offers a less frenetic feeling, except, during the time of Hajj pilgrimage, when it is packed with the devotee’s journey for devotion.

The country is famous for several reasons and also one of the most difficult places to visit on earth. You need to be dressed ultra-conservatively while travelling around Saudi Arabia and some places are off-limits for the non-Muslims. It is a country where you won’t find any cinemas, clubs or bars. So the people have to find out in a creative manner for fun.

In this oil-rich and proud kingdom, here some 8 of the top places to visit are mentioned as follows:

1) Al-Ula is amongst the most popular tourist destination which has remarkable ancient places to see the once thriving trade and commercial ventures.

2) Jabal al-Lawz is a place for outdoor enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy the best of Saudi Arabian countryside, a wide variety of flora and fauna and encounter with nature and superb picturesque vistas. People can go hiking and enjoy the cascading waterfalls and get amazed by the spectacular beauty of the region.

3) Medain Saleh an ancient city combines beautiful architecture and fascinating history and has a truly ethereal feel. It contains ruins of towers, walls, ancient tombs and dwellings. One can easily find out how grand and important the city once was in the past. It also has an old Ottoman railway.

4) Wabha Crater at a distance of approximately 700 KM from Riyadh is the gaping volcanic crater of Wabha and the area is dotted with lava fields, salt pans, and an oasis.

5) Asir National Park having a verdant and lush environment with cooler climate comparing with the dry and arid desert areas. A prime place for active leisure enthusiasts enjoying trekking galore, biking, camping, cable cars and more.

6) Shuwaymus have some incredible rock carvings and awed by some fantastic rock arts which tell the story of Saudi Arabia’s past.

7) Al Lith is the country’s main and famous diving destination. It is one of the top spots to dive into beautiful depths to view the rich and colourful variety of marine life, sparkling clear waters and interesting wrecks.

8) The Farasan Islands are some of Saudi Arabia’s best-kept gems that offer glorious sandy beaches and cool dazzling waters. It is ideal for relaxing, water sports and exploring the surrounding area, It is also the home of an abundance of birds and rare gazelles. The island has both a mangrove forest for exploring and historical sites for discovering.


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