8 Food Items You Need to Avoid During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy Avoid Food Items

As a pregnant woman, you should take care of your health more than anything else. In case you are here to read it for your wife or sister then I would say – “This is really sweet that you want to take care of her. Keep it up.”

So, back to the topic. During the pregnancy, a special care should be focused on the pregnant woman’s sleeping and eating habits. This would ensure a healthy baby and the mother too.

Here is the list of 8 food items that you better avoid during pregnancy to reduce the chances of complications further

  1. Fishes with High Level of Mercury

There are several fishes such as the swordfish, tilefish that carry a higher level of mercury. Mercury can cause a serious damage to your brain. It is hence advisable to avoid fishes altogether during pregnancy.

  1. Unpasteurized Dairy Products

Unpasteurized dairy products are harmful to the health. Buying ice creams or cheese from substandard local vender could mean consuming unpasteurized dairy products. Hence, always choose good quality dairy products as those are pasteurized and good for the consumption.

  1. Excessive Caffeine

Apart from coffee, tea and chocolate caffeine are also contained in several medicines and beverages. Excessive caffeine is never a good idea for any humans and especially for pregnant woman. The caffeine can lead to low birth weight and other complications related to the health.

  1. Raw and Uncooked Eggs

One must completely avoid raw and uncooked eggs. This wouldn’t contribute to your health. Eating the eggs that are cooked until the yolk is firm is highly advisable. Eggs are rich in protein which is why they should be eaten in pregnancy but avoid eating them raw or uncooked.

  1. Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

Eating the freshest fruits and vegetables without washing can cause several threats to your system. They don’t just carry dirt but also harmful pesticides and chemicals. During pregnancy, you should avoid eating the peels of fruits since they reduce the chances of contracting with pesticides.

  1. Raw Vegetable Sprouts

Even though the sprouts are one of the commendable sources of eating, it is a strict NO-NO for pregnant women. Raw sprouts carry virus and bacteria that can harm the immunity system and causes problems like threat poisoning.

  1. High Sugar Content

It is normal to develop cravings for sweet items. Pregnant woman generally finds themselves craving for chocolates and other sugary items during pregnancy. However, anything which is consists of high sugar content causes issues.

  1. Simple Carbohydrates

There isn’t any problem in munching some pizza slices and bread with muffins. But, this might just upset your stomach leading to constipation. Things that are prepared using fine flour cause constipation.

Apart from this alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy as well. Taking a proper sleep and indulging fresh and healthy food in the diet would be helpful for the pregnant mother and her unborn baby. Refrain from eating the items that are too high on fats since it would end up depositing fat on your body post the pregnancy.

We wish you a happy pregnancy period.


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