7 Things You Better don’t Utter on Your Job Interview

Job Interview Tips

Since you are reading this article, you are either heading to a scheduled interview or doing some research work for your friend. Perhaps, you innocently stumbled on this write-up but whatever the case is, do not leave before you complete.

Interview anxiety is common but this could often cost you a well deserving job. While controlling your nervousness and anxiety is in your hand, here is the list of things you should better shut your mouth at.

  1. Do not talk ill about your previous company

Irrespective of the bad blood you might have shared with your previous company, do not talk ill about it. Talking ill about your previous company generates a feeling of disloyalty from your side. You can always remain neutral at your stand but refrain from talking ill about them in any given circumstances.

  1. Speaking badly about the manager

Forget company, speaking ill about the manager should also be avoided. Irrespective of how innocent and the genuine candidate you are, speaking badly about your previous manager is a strict NO-NO.  It forms the impression of an adamant employee which you surely wouldn’t like.

  1. Cliché Terms

“I am looking for growth”, “perfectionism is my weakness” and so on should be avoided. When as a candidate your objective is to stand out why are even daring to use clichés that almost every candidate throws at them? Think of a better and genuine response instead.

  1. Asking for Perks

We surely know how alluring free lunch is for you in fact for all of us! But, homey, hold on to it. Do not ask this immediately on the interview. This sets an impression as if you are merely interested in perks and no responsibilities. In case you still want to know about the free lunch and transportation you can, later on, confirm with the colleagues.

  1. I don’t know!

“I don’t know’ is natural yet a huge turn-off. When you come across any question that makes you think a little refrain the phrase – “I don’t know’. You can take minutes to think or simply tell them that you shall think about it. You can even ask them to enlighten you about the answer because you are not sure. Blabber anything but don’t say that ‘you don’t know’

  1. That you are nervous

Okay, it is too obvious to be nervous in your interview. But, do you really need to accept it? No. Attempt to look confident as much as you can. Do not let them know that you are nervous. In case they gauge it through your body language at least don’t confirm it verbally. This acceptance of nervousness might not work too well with your job opportunity.

  1. You can check it in my resume

Of course, the recruiter must have gone through your resume. If he or she still asks you the question it means they are making a room for you to talk and elaborate more about your experience. Hence, don’t ever direct them towards your resume.

We reckon that interview process and preparation can get mentally tiresome and sometimes even physically. But, to make it an ease and add more chances of your selection keep the state above things in mind.


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