7 Social Media Tips to Help You Drive Sales

7 Social Media Tips to Help You Drive Sales

Social networks are one of the places where brands can find their customers. It’s the best and cheapest way to advertise and drive traffic. In today’s time, it’s much more cheaper to put a picture on Instagram than put a billboard and it’s also reach to more people. Here are 7 social media tips to help you drive sales.

  1. Find the right network: there are more than dozens of the social network, but companies need to find the only one which converts it into sales. Find your audience and be there for them. That way companies can save lots of money and time.
  2. Customer to brand ambassador: everyone loves to show off their new purchase, make sure your product has a hashtag so that whenever a customer uploads a picture with your product using that hashtag, companies can share that and that way your customers can also become your brand ambassador.
  3. Influencer: people don’t trust an ad, but they trust a person. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to market your product. Find influencer in your niche and ask them to market your product. It would be cheap as you can just send them a free sample or pay them by the post.
  4. Blogs: blogs are the biggest sales drive. They help you get on the search engine and also generate quality content which would be helpful to your potential customer. Talking just about your companies backpack won’t help it, talking about how backpacks are important will surely drive traffic.
  5. Links: it’s important that companies use their product link in every single post. If the customer doesn’t find a link easily than they won’t bother buying it. make sure to put links in every post and in bios as well.
  6. Social Media Advertising: advertising is not about how customer must buy your product, it about always stays on their site. It’s important to invest in social media advertising which will help you generate more sales eventually. This ad will show up on every person under that demography which makes them more curious about your product as well.
  7. Engage: brands which engage to their customer are more likable. Even if it’s a customer support or asking for free stuff. Some of the brands also reply to their follower on Twitter with a witty reply and that can get viral as well. Offering your followers gifts and rewards can also generate content which can help you publish on another platform.

Social networks are goldmines if companies can find the right place and with the right ad or content, they can drive a good amount of traffic. Make sure you add them in your marketing strategy because that’s where the future is.


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