GCC Exchange Facebook page is now a Verified Global Brand page!

GCC Exchange Facebook page is now a Verified Global Brand page!

Gaining an another milestone, the GCC Exchange Facebook page has now, officially  achieved the title of being a “Verified Global Brand Page”. As the hard work as finally paid off, the entire GCC Exchange family extends a warm gratitude to all their customers for all the love and support.

Striving in the era of cut-throat competition, this milestone has come as a major relief for GCC Exchange to protect their Brand Identity. As a result, now fans and well-wishers of GCC Exchange can readily reach out to GCC Exchange at its official page. All their queries can now have a speedy response. Besides, this achievement certainly eliminates the possibility of confusion due to the presence of other fake and unofficial pages.

“GCC Exchange is a synonym for innovation. At GCC Exchange, our employees have always strived to adapt to the changing market trends. While digital space has improved our customer connect, we certainly cannot escape the challenges of this digital space. The rising menace of fake business handles is just one of the many challenges. We hope, the verified global brand page status will help our customers to identify our official page,” said Mr. Mukesh Himatlal, General Manager at GCC Exchange.

With an extensive presence spanning across Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia, it’s imperative for GCC Exchange to integrate its customer connectivity. At such a crucial time, the status of a verified global page is sure to enhance the global customer engagement.

Explaining the major objective behind this initiative, Mr. Alex Fernandes, Head Digital Development & Communications at GCC Exchange said, “Getting the status of a verified global brand page is a significant achievement for GCC Exchange. This is a big step in our efforts of making GCC Exchange a prominent brand in the digital space and we are sure this step will help GCC Exchange to safeguard its brand credibility on Facebook.”

Rejoicing in this achievement, entire GCC Exchange family is overwhelmed by the welcoming response of this initiative from their customers. Thanking them all, the employees at GCC Exchange have already begun their race to achieve the next milestone!

About GCC Exchange:

Known for providing prime solutions for money transfer, remittance and foreign exchange GCC Exchange has clients across the globe. Owing to the commitment the brand shows towards their work they constantly contend to serve the clients better than expectations. Established in 2005 GCC Exchange has come a long way and yet there is a lot to cover that the company believes in. Providing exceptionally well services with hassle free procedure and transparency has been the fundamental objective of GCC Exchange.
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