6 Must Haves When You are Travelling to Dubai

6 Must Haves When You are Travelling to Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places to travel in any season. It has been known for their limelight and skyscraper. There are tons of attractions and things to do. To enjoy your stay in Dubai, you need to make sure you have all the essential things with you. Here are the 6 must-haves when you are traveling to Dubai.

  1. Appropriate Clothes: Dubai is a hot place and also very cold in winter. So make sure to pack all the necessary clothes with you. In the summer, make sure to get white clothes but also don’t get any more revealing clothes because it’s not allowed in Dubai. Dubai is more tolerant than any other Middle Eastern places but there some boundaries that need to be kept.
  2. Sandals and Shoes: in Dubai, your feet need to be as comfortable as possible. There will be lots of walking, so make sure to bring open sandals which are comfortable to water. Also, there are sands everywhere and if you go out in the desert bring your walking shoes.
  3. Sun Block: protect your skin from the sun. Asian tourist is used to the heat and yet they need to cover their faces, so it would be really hard for another tourist as well. Make sure to wear lip balm as hot air from the desert will dry it as soon as you walk out the hotel door.
  4. Big Suitcase: Dubai is biggest trust destination for shopping. Make sure to get a big bag for Dubai and pack as light as you can so you will get more space. Dubai has the biggest mall and there will be sales everywhere. So you don’t want to get disappointed when you don’t find space in your suitcase and have to pay more for the baggage at the airport.
  5. Bring more Money: you may have prebooked the hotels and everything but there are more to see and do here. Taxis can be expensive and shopping can go Make sure to bring enough cash as Dubai is also one of the most expensive places as well.
  6. Bring the Camera: don’t forget to bring your camera or clear out space on your mobile. There are marvels places and you need to take as many pictures as you can. One of the best is on the top floor of Burj Khalifa. So don’t forget to get your phone charger and extra memory card as well.

All of those things are necessary when you are traveling to Dubai. With this six things, you can enjoy your stay in Dubai and roam around the city which is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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