6 Vital Life Skills which prove helpful for your Child’s All-Round Development

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Life skills play a crucial role in fostering a child’s all-round development. While parents often prioritize education and co-curricular activities for their kid’s development, they often tend to underestimate the importance of teaching life skills to their kids.

Alternatively, kids who are taught life skills right from their childhood, grow up to be responsible, independent and compassionate human beings. Thus, if as a parent, you wish to encourage your child’s all-round development, then you must focus on imparting basic life skills to your children.

Having said that, here’s a checklist of some essential life skills that you need to teach your kids.

Communication Skills: The ability to express your opinions with clarity and confidence goes a long way in developing an impressive persona. Therefore, to hone your child’s verbal and oral communication skills, it’s advisable to incorporate simple communication exercises like listening to audio stories or reading books and newspapers.  

Direction Skills: Navigation skills are among the essential life skills. Without proper navigation skills, your children are bound to be dependent upon others for directions. To avoid this, try to develop their sense of direction by teaching them the basics of google maps operation and map reading. 

Cooking Skills: You need not teach them Masterchef level cooking, but learning basic cooking skills is necessary. Such skills come in handy when your kids shift out of the house for their further education. Perhaps, you can start with non-fire cooking activities for preschoolers and gradually shift to more complex recipes.  

Time Management Skills: Surviving in the world of cut-throat competition, your kid is certainly going to need efficient time management skills. Thus, you can start early by teaching them to prioritize their assignments and projects. Additionally, you can always motivate them by adding a twist of reward for effective time management.

Basic Medical Skills: Basic medical skills like cleaning a wound, applying a band-aid or checking the expiry of medicines before consuming can prove useful at the time of unfortunate events. Likewise, ensure that you make your kids aware of emergency contacts that can be reached out for in the times of need.

Financial Literacy Skills: While you may consider your children to be too young for this, but kids these days are way smarter than what we think. Introducing basic financial concepts around savings and investment can help your kids to develop a strong financial IQ in the near future. If your kids are too young, then you can start by teaching them the significance of saving.

Thus, this is not an exhaustive list as there are many more life skills that contribute to a child’s all-round development. However, by teaching them these skills, you will start noticing a positive change in their personality.

Similarly, if you have any interesting parenting insights on teaching life skills, then share those insights with us through your comments.


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