6 parenting lessons you must know

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Parents get so easily overwhelmed when it comes to parenting. Paying attention to kids and devoting time to them is better for them than not. Adverse childhood experiences are often the root causes of obesity, addiction and many physical as well as mental health issues. Today’s social trends have done a great amount of harm to children and as we are now seeing a wide range of increasing frequency of dysfunctions within the younger generation population. Qualitative studies indicate that children feel ill inside. But we can change this by active participation and responsible parenting. Visit Sleepauthorities.com for more parenting tips.

  1. Your children are not an extension of you. We tend to mold them according to our wishes and dreams which lead to them failing as an individual in life. Let them find their own identity, own voice. They should not feel that they’re burdened to fulfil their parents’ dreams. As the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung has once said, “Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”
  2. You might want to create a framework of the behaviour you want your kids to mirror. If you want to raise a creative, resilient, happy kid, you must practice what you preach. Remember you want to mind their behaviour not “discipline” them.
  3. Focus on purity. You might want to set some traditional family activities within your daily lifestyle, nothing over the top. This can include a trip together, camping, hiking, and celebrating an occasion together. A family that is frugal consider the real joy in such little activities. Make them fun so that even when they grow up, they would want to participate, make time for their parents, family, YOU.
  4. The more you do, the better for your child is a myth. Forcing them into 100s of activities does not make you a proud parent. Allow your child to take a break, have fun in their way. Indulging inactivity is fine, helps they brush up their physical and mental ability but make sure you’re not forcing anything on them. They should love what they’re doing. Then only they will learn.
  5. Spend some quality time with your child. Playing with them and participating in their childish game might look stupid but get involved. Don’t make it less enjoyable by setting up the rules by yourself. This is the time you get into their shoes and understand what’s going on inside their head. Be their partner, make time for them. This is how you bond. This is where they start trusting you completely. This is when they know they can confide you when they grow older or come across any difficult situation instead of keeping it to themselves and fighting their own battle, all alone.
  6. You can’t protect your children from every threat coming their way. You can guarantee the financial and physical security but make sure you are overprotectiveness doesn’t come in the way of their individuality. Be there for them, be the shoulder to cry on, provide that generous warm hug when needed but don’t take away their power of decision making. At times failing teaches you the biggest lessons in life.


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