10 Technological Advancements of 2017-18

technology“Technology” meaning “science of crafting”. And surely technology does play a great role in crafting people’s day-to-day life. Technology can be defined as conspicuous arts particularly those which involves an application of scientific skills which may be considered useful, by contributing to the society and gaining possible benefits from it. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some unbelievable discoveries which may help the mankind in a long run.

1)      Genetic Fortune Teller– from this technical invention the scientists are predicting that one day all babies will get report cards at their birth time only. And these report cards will help them to predict their child’s chances of suffering a heart attack or cancer, or be getting into bad influences like hookah or tobacco and also of being smarter than average. This will matter in later future as DNA-based predictions could be the next big leap to great public health advances.

2)      Role of pollution in generating power– Researchers from famous universities of  Antwerp and Leuven in Belgium has a new technological process which claims to manage to do both controls of air pollution and saving the natural scarce resources. They claimed that this particular technology allows the hydrogen gas to be stored, which can be used later on as fuel. The technology seems to be still in development stage.

3)      3D Metal Printer– this technology, however, can be proved cheap and easy to be a literally practical way of manufacturing mechanical parts. If it gets widely adopted, it would change the way everyone mass-produces many products. Now printers will be able to make metal objects in a cheaper and quicker way.

4)      Artificial Embryos- researches for the first time have made some kind of structures from stem cells without the use of egg or sperm cells. By this process, it is a lot easier to open the new possibilities for understanding how life actually came into existence but this process clearly also challenges the natural creation of life simply from a stem cell extracted from another embryo.

5)      Duel neural networking– this term can be better described as an artificial intelligence which will allow AI system to create images of things which has been never seen before. it is said that this technology will give AI a sense of imagination.

6)      Babel fish Earphones– it is named for the science-fiction comedy concept which was first introduced by Douglas Adams. They claim that these are the earbuds which utilize instant online translation technology which would let people understand each other while communicating in different languages.

7)      No carbon natural gas– new scientific methods made it possible to capture the carbon which gets released during the burning of natural gas ignoring emission of greenhouse and opening up the possible ways to create clean energy. This clean gas technology promises in the generation of electricity in a cheaper way from fossil fuel without carbon emission.

8)      Quantum leap of materials– it promises that scientists can use quantum computers to design a new form of materials and tailor for their properties. This could make possible to design solar cells, catalysts for cleaner fuels etc.

9)      Online privacy set up– blocking based privacy systems made it possible for digital transactions which would record and validate while protecting the privacy of information, making easier to disclose information without risking privacy or exposure to different threats.

10)   AI services, cloud-based– companies like Google, Amazon, IBM etc are the key players who all are working on increasing their access to machine learning and also artificial networking to make it easier to use and affordable. It is said that the availability of artificial intelligence tools are in the cloud which means that the advanced machine learning is highly welcomed in different businesses which will change from manufacturing to logistics making AI easier and cheaper for a business to go beyond limits.



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