How to control your anger? Tips and Tricks

In general, it is appropriate to say that each and every individual has certain anger issues and might get angry at any unexpected moment. If you have an overpowering anger issue, it may affect your mental and physical health as well as your bond with your family, friends, staff etc.
How to control Anger

There are various tips and tricks to control your anger. Some of them are:

  • Accept the fact that anger is a natural emotion:  Always anger is not a spoiled thing. It can sometimes be healthy as well by saving you from continuous abuse or unjust activities. If you smell the fact that someone is causing you scathe, it is very obvious that you will become angry and anger will immediately motivate you to take action against it. Sadly certain people are instructed that it is not civil to express your anger or your curbed feelings not knowing the fact that it is highly injurious to subdue your feelings of anger and disgust which also has ill effects on your health and relationships
  • Notice signs that your anger is not controllable: As on one hand anger can be good for hand, on the other hand uncontrolled anger can be extremely harmful for your health not only in your personal life but also in professional life. Instances like spilled milk, accidentally dropped objects, yelling, screaming, hitting are examples of uncontrolled anger. This is an inveterate problem and occurs again and again.
  • Have enough sleep at night: Adults require at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. If deprived of sleep for any reason, it may affect your emotions immensely. Getting enough sleep can make your mood better and surprisingly decrease your anger issues. Exceptions may arise as to if you are an insomnia patient, you must visit a doctor and try to get rid of the disease. You may also try for some herbal medicines for a good amount of sleep.
  • As soon as you realize that you are angry, take a deep breath: Deep breathing is one of the most important method to control your anger. Whenever you realize that your anger is going out of control, take a deep breath and calm yourself. As you take in oxygen, count to three and hold the air in your lungs for three seconds and then exhale it out. Make sure that each time you take in oxygen, you lungs are filled with oxygen completely and while exhaling, make sure you exhale the entire amount of carbon dioxide. Also, take some pause between two consecutive exhale and inhale.
  • Think about a merry place: If you still have anger issues, imagine about any merry place be it your childhood backyard or a calm and quiet forest or your imaginary land which brings you immense happiness. Concentrate on every detail of the place like the smell, light, noises, temperature, weather etc. keep imagining until you feel you are entirely immersed in it. You may also hang out for some time until you feel totally calm.

If you succeed in following these simple tricks, you will undoubtedly lead a happy life and get rid of your anger issues.

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