8 Different Ways to Validate Your Start up Idea

8 Different Ways to Validate Your Start up Idea

What is the use of validating your idea? Don’t you deserve to save your precious time, money and effort? For the first timers, the process of Start up is exciting and yet intimidating as well. The road is not going to be smoother always, you are going to faces loses and failures.

What is the need to validate the start up idea?          

It is always advisable to get your market research done. What is the best way to validate your idea of start up? Well, there are many. Validating your idea would give you a different perspective. It will enable you to think from all the sides instead of only yours.

Even though, if you have taken some trouble to discuss the idea with potential investors and customers, then seeking a validation is a must after all you cannot led down your investors. Also, it gives a sound and profound belief that you may be successful in seed funding and your customers will be happy to pay for your service or product. Isn’t it a good approach to validate your idea?

Let’s have a glance on few ways now:

  • Discuss with people about your idea: Take opinions from people who are not part of your industry or start up. Try to obtain different perspective from people to work from. It gives clear view to your idea and it becomes refined too.
  • Try bringing traffic to your website and then test: Unless people are aware about your existence in the market, there is no way out to tell them that they know about you.Use platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to bring in people to your site.
  • Find the truth by moving out to test your assumptions: Your written assumptions and theories must be tested by your potential customers. Try getting involved with clients through phone calls, interviews or ways possible.
  • Analyze Competition: There are thousands of reasons to believe that your idea is not unique and there might be prevalent forms of it in the market already. Use tools like SEMrush and SimilarWeb to find out your competitors.
  • Creating a persona of your Customer: Trace the description of whom you think is your potential customer.It is going to help you in identifying their behavioral pattern.
  • Landing Pages: In you’re to validate your ideas you may use tools like LeadPages, Unbounce etc. They can be used to check what works and what doesn’t.
  • Finding out the value Proposition: Focus less on features but, more on the value proposition that a customer will get by using your product.
  • Start With Your Network: Work with your own friends, investors, mentors and others to reach out to the potential customers.

It is handy to validate your idea first before it touches the ground reality. So, the choice is yours whether to validate first and then proceed for success.

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