What is Online Foreign Currency Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

Online Foreign Currency Trading or forex trade is a very popular business nowadays. There have a lot of people in the world now who are doing this business and being successful. That is why a lot of new people want to start this trading. We are sure that you are one of them who wants to start this trading.

Online Foreign Currency Trading

In this article, we will give you the best way how to do online foreign currency trading. Hopefully, this article will help you start your business if you follow our given process.

What Is Online Foreign Currency Trading?

Online foreign currency trading or forex trading is about buying and selling different currencies. In this business, a network is created by the buyers and the sellers to buy and sell their currencies.

For example, You need another country’s currency when you are traveling there. At that time, you can convert your currency to another one via online foreign currency trading or forex.

According to a recent report, the average online foreign currency trading volume was 5.1 trillion dollars daily. By this statistic, you can imagine how much a forex trader earn daily. That is why this business gained such kind of popularity in a short time.

How to Do Online Foreign Currency Trading

Learning online foreign currency trading is quite a bit complex task. That is why here we are giving you the step by step process. We have made the process very simple and easy. We hope you will easily understand it. This step by step process is as follows:

Choose a way how you would like to trade

There have a lot of foreign currency exchange institutes like major banks and many other financial institutions. They can buy and sell a massive amount of foreign currency. But when an individual tries to start a small and new online foreign currency trading, he can’t do that.

In that case, these small entrepreneurs have to start their business mainly in two ways- forex CFDs and trading online foreign currency via a broker.

CFD is a legal contract in which someone agrees to exchange the difference in the price of a currency pair from the open to the closing position. Here you need to select the market you want to trade. You don’t require full physical purchase.

Online foreign currency trading via a broker or sometimes via a bank is almost similar to the CFDs. Here without taking ownership of both currencies, you will speculate on the price movement of currency pairs.

It is notable that if you choose this online foreign currency trading via a broker, you will not have access to any other market. 

Learn How The Online Forex Currency Market Works

The first thing you have to learn when you want to trade currencies is how the online foreign currency market works. This isn’t easy to understand. But we will make it easy for you.

Actually, in the case of the online foreign currency market, you have to buy and sell the currencies via a bank instead of buying and selling the currencies on a centralized exchange. This market is called OTC- over the counter market.

Here the bank acts as the market maker and offers a bid price to buy a particular currency pair.

Most of the people don’t buy and sell the currency directly with a major bank. They take help from an online foreign currency provider, and these providers deal with the bank on behalf of you.

Open an account

In the next step, you will have to open an account to conduct your online foreign currency trading business. Basically, if you want to trade forex via CFDs(contract for difference), you will need an account with a leveraged trading provider.

Make a trading plan

In this fourth step, you have to make a trading plan. Making a trading plan is very much important when you are new to the market. It helps to take your emotion out of your decision making. Every forex trader has a different trading strategy.

So, it would help if you also had a different and unique strategy. Use technical analysis tools on the market you want to trade and decide your first trade.

Choose an online foreign currency trading platform

There have a lot of forex trading platforms. You need to choose one of them in which is very smart and faster. In almost every platform, you will be able to personalize your trading style and preferences. This is mainly the ultimate step of starting your currency trading business.

Start trading

Once you have done all the steps you have given before, you can start trading. You have to open a deal ticket for your taken market, and then you will get the buy and sell prices are listed there. You will be able to decide everything like the size of your position, taking stops or limits, etc.

These are mainly the steps of online foreign currency trading. In many cases, some tasks can be added to these given tasks. There’s no need to be worried. Those tasks will easily understand you.


Online foreign currency trading is buying and selling of the different currencies on the virtual foreign exchange market with the intension of making money. It is one of the top-rated businesses where you can buy and sell different currencies 24 hours a day.

In this article, we have given you the easiest and the best way how to do online foreign currency trading. We hope that after reading this article, you will be entirely clear about it. If you have any further queries, leave a comment below. We will give your answer as soon as possible.


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