Things to do for your child who spends too much time on the internet

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Do you have a child who spends too much time on the internet? If it is so, are you having any rules of what is acceptable and what not in the online activities? Well if you are a family that does not have these sets of rules in place, now it is the perfect time to mention all your concerns and thus establish some strict rules for your household.

Why is it required to set a boundary?

A boundary is required to keep things inside at check. Your child might be curious to know and explore different parts of the internet. So if he or she is spending too much time there, it might hamper their studies and can also affect health. Your child might also fall in the prey of Cybercriminals and other activities. Children would naturally love to test their boundaries and thus will likely do so if there are no clear expectations and strict rules.

Here are some things which you can do to manage your child’s online behaviour and time over the internet.

  1. Set the example. Children will always gravitate towards the behaviour and things that their parents do. So, if you are reading a book they will read one or if you are watching television, so they will.
  2. Be the parent. You being the parent will have to encourage healthy behaviours and stop or limit the unhealthy ones even if it means making unpopular decisions. Make this tough decision for your child and also do explain why you have made such a decision.
  3. Limit the on-screen time: If you have decided to not fully stop television viewing, you can always choose appropriate Windows or slots when your child can watch Tv or use the pc. It is much easier to limit their habit if they understand that they are allowed to watch one show in the morning and one show after school or if they have a specific time duration to use the internet.
  4. Encourage other games and activities: Provide all the necessary resources required like books to read, board games, art and craft materials and sporting equipment.
  5. Play with your kids whenever you have time: Get down on the floor with your kids and start playing with dolls and other toys with them. It might seem quite difficult and might require selfless love at the age of 6, but when they turn 13 you will be glad that you did it.
  6. Be involved in their lives: Most of the busy parents nowadays just turn on the TV actually know nothing about their child’s life. So, observes, listen, ask and parent your child.
  7. Set up a place where that can use the pc: Set up a place like a kitchen table or the living room table where your child can surf through the internet. Doing this you can manage both the content and the time that the child is spending on the internet.
  8. Switch off the WiFi at night: Unless and until completely necessary, switch off the Wi-Fi or the Internet access at night so to reduce your child’s internet time.


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