Quit Your Job

We understand how difficult it is to get out of the cozy bed on Monday morning and dreadfully make a way to the office. We feel that each one of us goes through this same old saga every week. But, do you know that there must be something serious if this happens on daily basis.

How would you classify the difference between boredom and discontentment?

Does your job feel like you are being dragged to the jail every day? Do the tasks assigned to you make you feel miserable? Do you think that perhaps your talents and skills are underestimated?

We feel it is the time to quit.

Check the sounds below and see when the right time to quit is.

  1. You lack the passion – One of the most important sign to read is the passion. Your passion is something that drives to your job every morning. If you feel that this passion of getting ahead of everyone, the passion for keeping working is missing then you better think twice about your job.
  2. You feel overburdened – Pressure is usually expected in the work-space. However, if you feel that you are being too overburdened by your work and in return, you are left with pennies in the hand – think twice! Being overburdened can also affect your productivity, performance and morale.
  3. Under-appreciated – Nothing is as demotivating as not being appreciated for the time and efforts you put in your job. This lack of appreciation creates discontentment in your mind. If you feel that you are not getting the credit that you deserve, it is best to move as soon as you can.
  4. Disliking the people – Your colleagues usually play a key role and making your workspace the way it is. If you dislike your colleagues, chances are that you would never be able to enjoy the job either. No matter how passionate are you towards your job, if you dislike your colleagues you better quit!
  5. Growth and learning have no scope – There are ample of things that you learn on your job. However, if your job is making you feel stagnated, then it is the right time to switch. Most of the times the scope of learning gets over and at that point of time, there is no need to drag it ahead.
  6. Physical health at stake – While it is not good to have an unhealthy mental state, at the same time your physical health shouldn’t be at the stake. In order to outperform your colleagues and give your best, it is vital to stay healthy. Maintaining mental as well as physical health is highly significant. If your physical health is suffering, you better quit.

Sticking to the job you are absolutely unhappy about is a waste of time. Your job should inculcate the seed of passion into you. It should make you wake up and innovate something or the other every day. Your job shouldn’t make you feel useless or unworthy at all.

If you are going through the similar discontentment you better switch.


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