Moving to Another City? Here is the Checklist

Moving to Another City? Here is the Checklist

Changing cities has become as common as changing dress these days. People tend to shift localities either to their will or due to some unavoidable circumstances. Some people enjoy changing places, they like interacting with people and some have their reason. No matter which part of the nest you belong to, you can trust these points to help you swift your way out the backbreaking task.

  1. Know if you have anyone in the locality or area– It is not necessary that you know someone belonging to the locality but it is always good to know someone out there. You can reach to the person for help or queries instantaneously or at time of immediate need.
  2. Check out the city– This is a very smart decision. If you have time then it is recommended to take a tour through the city since you have needs like medication, schooling (if shifting with family), entertainment, and much more; it is good if you have already visited the city once as you will now have an abstract or blueprint of the city. You don’t need to search for hospital or coffee shop or any other place as you now know what is in the city or how far is it from your city. At times of emergency, you can find this decision of yours to be conducive. You can even consult a realtor if you don’t have time; however, visiting the city yourself is highly recommended.
  3. Know the history and neighbourhood– You should always have a good knowledge of the locality you are living in. Since you have to reside there no matter what amount of time you spend, but having a good locality is always necessary. It may have histories like murder, robbery and so on budging into locality with lots of robbery and criminal activates is not a healthy decision. You should also know your neighbourhood as knowing the type of people around you is a boon since you have to make good connections.
  4. Financial stability or cost of living– There is a high chance of rate difference between the goods you purchase from different cities. In some city, the price of a packet of chips could say 15 rupees while in some other city the price of the same packet could be 25 rupees. So, you should know if you can manage the change; it is, however, good to double the expense you thought would be consumed.
  5. 5. Prepare– After you have researched about the locality, the contacts, the neighbours, the lifestyle, you are almost prepared to leave now. There might be things in your old house which is unnecessary to you in the new one. It is better to leave that behind or sell it if you can. You can buy new things with the same money for the new house.
  6. Make sure you have finished your part in the old house– For a problem free life in the new house; you should first clear all the remaining activities in the old one. Like if you have any bill remaining or loan you took for your old house, it should all be cleared. If you don’t want to invite people from the bank, or any government agents you should clear all your debts regarding the old house.
  7. 7. Shift– Now you are all set to lay down your old house. Now the final task before stepping your foot to the other house would be to pack your stuff up. The catch in this one is to make note of every single box i.e., which box contains what and how many? This will help you omit missing stuff.

These are some tips to keep in mind and follow while changing city or locality or area. If done properly no problem should arise or maybe many of the problems could be solved.


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3 thoughts on “Moving to Another City? Here is the Checklist

  • July 10, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Thanks for your valuable tips about an important topic in everyone’s life because people often change a house from one place to another because of their different reasons. Moving to a new city means a new place, a new house and even we get new friends. It can be an overwhelming experience to settle in a new place. But it is amazing, new experiences that teach us more about the world and helps me to build a home where I can move or travel. The moment we learn our residential move is the moment we will find our self in need of a detailed moving to a new state checklist to keep our self arranged during all stages of our cross country move.

  • September 5, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Really good advice. A lot of people don’t take into consideration how prices change for small things that have daily uses.

  • November 26, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    The history of the neighborhood is something really important that a lot of people forget to do when moving to a new place.


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