Incredible Technology and Innovations making Dubai a Global Smart City

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Innovation Technology in Dubai

Some of the incredible technology and innovations, for making Dubai a global Smart City, that might sound like science fiction but real.

Hyperloops: It’s a design of super high-speed mode of transportation, where through low-pressure pipes the pods will hurtle faster than aeroplanes. Dubai’s RTA secure a deal with Hyper-loop One, a front-runner company in this innovation, to connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi, by reducing approximately to 12Min from around90Min by car.

Taxi Drones: RTA presented the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, to avoid the headaches for moving around the city for meetings. Using the Chinese Ehang 184 model, it’s a battery-operated driver-less drone that files you to reach your selected destination. For up to 30Min and a distance about 30-40KM, this drone can carry a passenger of 100KG and a small suitcase.So, a person just has to sit and select the destination in the on-board tablet.It is piloted through external command centre. It runs entirely on electricity,so it has a positive impact on pollution and reducing high traffic volume.

Driverless Cars: The latest EZ10 cars can carry up to 10passengers and run along per-programmed route in the city. It also has 360-degreesensors that keeps them safe from collisions. These are electricity driven so it has a phenomenal environmental impact. A reduction of 12% reduction in pollution from the existing 1.5 million cars in the city, is predicted by RTA. The other benefits predicted, is the reducing of parking infrastructure requirements by 50% in the city and saving 12% losses incurred by traffic accidents.

Firefighting Jetpacks: For safety and efficiency, the jet-skiand water-powered jetpack system showcased by Dubai Civil Defence. It is designed to empower fire-fighters in tackling the blazes much rapidly,by-passing the traffic and approach the fire by flying up from water. It’s known as “Dolphin”. This pack propel the user several meters in the air and with incredible flow-renewable seawater supply, the flames are doused faster. Due to quick response time, it endures nearly 5500 fire incidents from2006-2013. So, Dolphin plays a fundamental role, making Dubai safer.

Rotating Skyscrapers: It’s a Dynamic Tower which is due for completion by 2020. Each floor of this 80-story, 420m tall tower, that rotates360 degrees on command and residents can choose their own view. By 2013,continuing the trend in Dubai of this new architecture, twisted-but-static Cayan Tower – world’s tallest twisted tower. It will generate its own energy by the wind turbine between floors and solar panels. It’s the first pre-fabricated skyscraper, which reduces construction time by 30% and reducing workers from2000 to 90, thus saving costs.

Blockchain Technology: It’s a distributed digital ledger,which is used to track assets securely and quickly by the organizations,without any central authority. It allows more accurate and faster way to track data entry from multiple users. To become the first blockchain-powered city by2020, Dubai launched its Blockchain Strategy in October 2016, which will really improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.


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