How to Uplift Your Communication Skills

How to Uplift Your Communication Skills

Communication Skills: Successful leaders are properly able to communicate with each other and his team members.  Here in this article, there are some of the best ways by which You can improve communication skills:

  1. Learn the keys and basics of nonverbal communication

Recent research and study have shown that 55% of how the audience understood a presenter was basically dependent on non-verbal communication ability. This basically means that the majority of what you are saying is communicated not through the words you are speaking but through the physical cues that you are presenting to your audience. First of all, you must learn to adopt the proper posture while presenting. You must not lean forward or fold your arms or make yourself appear smaller than you actually are. Instead of these, fill up the entire space that you are given, maintain eye contact and try to move around the stage so that you can get to all the audience.

  • Stop using visual aids

 many of the world-famous speakers and mostly CEO of the company like Steve Jobs and Sandberg banned the use of PowerPoint presentations at their respective companies. Both of these leaders understood that the PowerPoint presentations can actually decrease the scope of the speaker of getting to the audience. Be ready to use specific words that can target audience, compelling stories and storylines so that the audience can understand properly and all sorts of nonverbal cues so that you can effectively communicate your point with the audience.

  • Try in engage your audience in discussion with yourself

You may be a wonderful speaker and have achieved a lot of success, but the audience is different in different places and all the audiences have a limited attention span. To become a better and more effective communicator make your presentations, speech and your discussion interactive so that the audience doesn’t get bored and they can effectively participate in your discussion. Ask your audience questions, encourage the people to call out thoughts while having a brainstorming session or a debate and ask the least hypothetical questions so to stimulate the audience.

  • Be an effective listener

You may have heard the phrase ‘listen more than you talk’. This is proper advice for the business people who want to communicate and connect with each other. To communicate properly and effectively, first of all, you must learn to listen to what others have to say. After listening to their opinions, you can provide quite thoughtful answers that would show that you have taken their points into account.

  • Get to know your audience properly

For having the best of communication with your audience, it is very important for you to know your audience at first. Each place would have a different audience who would have different preferences and typical cultural norms that should be considered and respected while communicating.


Communicating properly is definitely one of the best skills that you can achieve while being a business leader. Always remember to be non-verbal, use verbal cues, listen to care what the others have to say and try and over communicate in all the novel ways to ensure that your points stick to your audience.


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