How to Improve Your Bad Handwriting in Five Minutes Each Day

Bad Handwriting: The significance and role that technology plays in this contemporary world prove well-known. Consequently, almost everyone has gotten used to typing on digital devices such as personal computers, smartphones, etc. Therefore, it becomes a complex task to write with ink on paper because of the near-total reliance on computers.

So do you have bad handwriting? What can you do to improve it when faced with a situation you have to write on paper? There are simple techniques from experts.

Improve Your Bad Handwriting in Five Minutes

Simple Guidelines on Improving Your Terrible Handwriting

  • Write lowly. It can help if you considered starting writing slowly at first. In this manner, you will have an opportunity to examine what bothers you about your handwriting. Since most of your time gets spent typing, it becomes usual to suffer from poor handwriting at first. So avoid pressuring yourself to become perfect in a single session.
  •  Identify your weaknesses. You can start by writing the entire alphabet on paper to understand the root cause of your handwriting problems. It becomes crucial to then underline or circle the issues before focusing on enhancing the identified letters. You will get amazed with the extent to which two or three letter improvements can transform your entire text.
  • Check your letter’s height and size. One typical issue individuals grapple with entails the size of their letters. In most instances, they prove either too small or too big, leading to an illegible and messy appearance. So try and align all your letters to more or less become of a similar height and size.
  • Pick the correct paper and pen. It becomes crucial to try different pens until you get one that can work superbly. Avoid shying away from investing in an excellent pen that can last a couple of years. The same should apply to the paper you choose to use. Try and ensure the document has lines the first few times you write.
  • Watch helpful videos of renowned calligraphers. Try and utilize the benefits that come with modern tech to enhance your handwriting. The best place to start with includes expert calligraphers who write and explain.
  • Copy handwriting that fascinates you. You can copy the handwriting of an individual you know or someone online. It will become easier to improve your handwriting in this manner, though try and change it to make it unique later on.
  • Practice worksheets (handwriting). Kids often do this in school and might put you a bit off at first, but it can work wonders for your handwriting. So get worksheets and print them to use for your practice.
  • Begin writing and keeping a journal. Practice makes perfect, and keeping a journal will improve your handwriting because of the daily writing. Besides this, it will help you clear your mind and limit your stress to a minimum. 
  • Become patient. Everything good always takes time, so you have to cultivate patience to ensure your objective gets realized. Avoid comparing your handwriting progress with others and focus your efforts on improving.


Handwriting still proves crucial in various areas in this modern tech world. Therefore, it would be essential to consider the guidelines provided to enhance your handwriting to avoid missing out on something.


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