GCC Exchange Setups Free Wi-Fi Zone at all its Branches in UAE

Free Wi-Fi Zone at all GCC Exchange Branches in UAE

Recognizing the broadening horizons of the digital era, GCC Exchange announces the launch of the Free Wi-Fi Zone at all its branches in UAE. Opening a new chapter of an enhanced guest experience in Wi-Fi hospitality, this digital initiative is certainly going to be a huge hit among the Guests/Customers.

Focusing on this relationship-building benefit of the Wi-Fi zone, Mr. Mukesh Himatlal, General Manager at GCC Exchange said, “GCC Exchange values its Guests and Customers. Our customer-centric approach motivates us to strive hard for delivering a reliable and delightful guest experience. We hope this hospitality Wi-Fi strengthens the bond between GCC Exchange and our guests. We hope our guests enjoy this smart digital development.”

In the wake of major digital work operations, such an effective setup is expected to be a great relief for our guests/customers who can now use the Wi-Fi support to submit necessary documents to GCC Exchange for fund transfers.  Likewise, Guests/Customers can now easily leverage the WhatsApp Text/Call facility to inform their loved ones back home that they have transferred the amount.

It has often been viewed that Free Wi-Fi zones work in support of strengthening better customer-brand relationships. The time spent on brand premises due to a Wi-Fi hotspot facility provides an opportunity for brand-customers bonding which develops a customer’s trust. Besides, customers appreciate brands that go the extra mile to fulfil their requirements. Such appreciation culminates in the formation of customer loyalty.

Excited over the launch of Wi-Fi Zones, Mr. Alex Fernandes, Head Digital Development and Communications at GCC Exchange said, “At GCC Exchange, we always believe in raising the bar for our guest experience. Over the past few months, our hospitality team had noticed that our guests/customers were finding it difficult to update their loved ones about the status of fund transfers. Similarly, the slow-paced manual submission of necessary documents was resulting in delayed operations. Understanding these issues, we came up with a solution of setting a Wi-Fi zone that will facilitate speedy operations with seamless internet connectivity.”

Additionally, Customers/Guests can easily download GCC Exchange Mobile App through these free Wi-Fi zones to get instant updates about GCC Exchange’s Services/Products. The app also offers other services like Salary Tracking, Live Exchange Rates, Fund Transfer Details, Branch Location tracking, New Product Launch, Exchange Industry News Updates and many more.

With such efficient digital development, GCC Exchange eagerly awaits the positive response of their guests and customers. Simultaneously, the IT teams of GCC Exchange have been working around the clock to ensure that there are no technical glitches in setting up of these Wi-Fi zones. Thus, with this strategic move, GCC Exchange establishes a new mark in delivering an exceptional guest experience.

About GCC Exchange:

Known for providing prime solutions for money transfer, remittance and foreign exchange GCC Exchange has clientele across the globe. Owing to the commitment the brand shows towards their work they constantly contend to serve the clients better than expectations. Established in 2005 GCC Exchange has come a long way and yet there is a lot to cover that the company believes in. Providing exceptionally well services with hassle free procedure and transparency has been the fundamental objective of GCC Exchange.

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