How to Crack Interviews Confidently?

Crack Interviews Confidenctly

“Practice always makes a man perfect” but somehow the person who wrote this axiom, failed to add the disclaimer that this does not apply to the scenario of cracking job interviews.

Let’s face it, we all have gone through the phase of jumping from one article to another on internet in search of some magic formula to crack our dream job interview and in spite of all these efforts, all we end up is with pangs of anxiety and sweaty palms while waiting for our turn at our dream firm.

But you need not worry any more as we have finally succeeded in finding the tricks to confidently crack your interviews. Read on!

  • Power of Faking it– Yeah, you read it right! Sometimes the only way to increase your confidence quotient is to fake it. By tricking your brain in pretending to be confident, your brain actually starts believing in it. Every time you get an anxiety pang, take the superman pose, walk tall and think that the job is already yours, interview is just a formality. Remember to fake it till you make it!
  • Do your homework– Ensure that you know your company inside out and if possible try to match the keywords from job requirements with those on your resume. Often your resume will be scanned merely on the basis of keywords, thus by using these keywords while walking your interviewers through your resume; you are indirecting letting them know that you understand their problem wherein half the battle is already won.
  • Know Your Weapons– Unlike you there would be hundreds of candidates applying for the job, so what will add up to your confidence is the fact that you know your strengths and weaknesses. Having done that, all you need to do is present your USP in a way that interviewers are convinced that hiring you would certainly prove to be useful for the firm.
  • Art of Power Dressing– Never underestimates the power of power dressing. Wearing elegant and classy formals with a minimal make-up (in case of females) can instantly change the way you are perceived by others. The simple art of power dressing can work wonders in making you will confidant.
  • Tackling No Idea Questions– The scenario of having no idea to the question being asked can be scary but here’s how you can deal with it. Request your interviewer to reframe the question and if even after that you fail to find the answer, then instead of bluffing show some honesty and tell them about the process you would follow to find the answer. This way you end up displaying your skill of confidently dealing with tricky situations.

Well, it’s true that post your graduation the very act of entering a job market flooded with a cut throat competition is scary but with the right amount of confidence and efforts, cracking that job interview won’t be as difficult as it sounds. So keep calm and be confident, of course, the job is all yours!


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