9 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress Errors : In its sixteen years of its existence, WordPress has empowered many people to start their website, and business online. That’s a pretty impressive achievement and proof of the platform’s abilities. Several people use this platform in different circumstances and for various purposes, things won’t always go smoothly and users will run into issues on the way. Also using WordPress is automatic, from time to time, you will find different errors. The developer teams that deal with WordPress errors and take quick notice and fix any issues you might face.

Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

If you ever asked yourself how to fix the most common WordPress hosting issues, you are on a lucky day. In today’s article, we will discuss the most common errors in WordPress.

404 Error In WordPress

In case you face a 404 error sitewide when you are trying to reach your WordPress website, the most possible cause would be a permalink issue or your .htaccess file. The easy way to fix that is an update to your permalink settings into the WordPress Dashboard. Settings – Permalinks – Save Changes and just click the button completely.

Error Establishing A Database Connection

This error in your WordPress website because your website is not capable of connecting to the database. When the user changes or alters the credentials of the database of your website this error will appear on the display. To solve this error you need to configure the database host, username, and password correctly.

Internal Server Error

This is another common error in WordPress is 500 Internal Server Error. It means that something unethical is happening on your server and you’re unable to find the error.

Check .htaccess

The .htaccess file contains important Programa that is a language construct for the server, in that we can rewrite rules that enable permalinks. It can get damaged by accident and then cause this error. To check that is the reason, access your server through FTP and find the file in your root directory. But be aware that is hidden by default you might have to enable show hidden files to see it.

Upload Image Issues

In this error, all the images change adjusting like a place holder. This error usually happens when your WordPress hosting providers manage and upgrade your file support need some changes. After making several changes in the file manager section of a website in hosting you can get rid of this uploading issue.

White Screen Of Death Error

It means your website is terminated and your browsers show a screen with nothing on it. WSOD can change the entire website and sometimes only being in part of it. When you’re having a website offline the problem is that you don’t have an alert message showing you the issue. you regularly need to work on several things before you can find the cause for this error.

WordPress Sidebar Below Content

This error represents the condition when your website sidebar is no longer next to your main content where it belongs but rather moves below it. Understanding this can be very disconcerting and make you ask about the honesty of your website and theme. when your layout cracks, it doesn’t surely mean your theme has been shot to an emergency. It can be fixed quickly.

Syntax Error In WordPress

Syntax error in WordPress normally occurs when you add some code that holds incorrect syntax. You can quickly fix this error by changing the syntax over again. Even if you miss a colon, you have to face this issue with this error on your website. Therefore Check before coding for syntax.

403 Forbidden Error

In this error, the server does not allow access to your WordPress website for a particular page. The inaccurate file permissions, plugins with bad code, and server configuration settings are the cause of this error. must update them and get back your website.


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