8 Tips To Extend Battery Life Of Smartphones!

8 Tips To Extend Battery Life Of Smartphones

In the world of today, technology is king and one of the most important technologies is our phones. You just can’t deny that your phone(s) has in one way or the other been an important item in your life especially the younger guys but not exclusively the younger guys.

The things you can do with a phone are unlimited but we’re are only allowed to use them for hours or at most a day plus, no matter how many MAH a phone might have there is always a case of low battery.

I agree that there are a lot of battery saving apps out there but at these apps can at most keep our batteries for minutes so I try not to bother myself with them.

In today’s post I would be sharing eight tips on How to extend your battery life. There are so many ways to extend your battery life but I’d be keeping it at eight.

  1. Use Dark Wallpaper and Themes

Using dark wallpaper and themes can extend your battery life(if your phone has an AMOLED screen) because AMOLED screens only light up coloured pixels, black coloured pixels are not lit, so the more black pixels you have on your screen, the less battery needed to light them up hence more battery is saved.

  1. Turn Off Auto Brightness

As good as it may seem, don’t use auto screen brightness. You would admit that using auto screen brightness makes your screen brighter than you need. Besides, if you check your battery usage stats you would notice that those ‘huge screens’ on your smartphones are huge battery suckers. It’s better to manually set your screen brightness rather than letting your phones do all the work.

  1. Update Your Apps Regularly

Update your applications as much as possible. App developers constantly release updates for a reason and some of the reasons are improved memory and battery optimization. Also delete and uninstall old apps you no longer use, most of these apps run background processes that suck up your batteries.

  1. Reduce Screen Timeout

Screens of Android phones automatically dims and turns off after a while. It’s advisable to set this interval as short as possible would have a great impact on your battery life.

The shorter the timeout interval the more battery that is saved.

  1. Turn Off Vibrate and Feedback

Turn off vibration and feedback (vibration when you type) unless you need them. It takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to make it ring. It may seem cool but truly it does nothing other than kill your battery.

  1. You Don’t Have To Be Connected 24/7

Okay, this is the bitter truth, you really don’t have to be online 24/7(we can make an exception for me tho’). Turn off features like 3G, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and Location when you don’t need them. Also, turning your 3G and WiFi on at the same time makes almost no sense because you only need one at a time.

  1. Make Use of Battery Saving Features

Almost all Android phones have a battery saving tool in the menu that helps conserve and save battery, mine has two, it has the power saving mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode, Sony has STAMINA mode and HTC has Extreme power saving mode.

My ultra-power saving mode limits usage to just messaging, phone calls and clock meaning I can only make calls, send and receive messages and check the time when I’m in this mode and this increases my battery life by hours.

  1. Use ONLY Original Batteries

Use only original, authentic batteries for your smartphone. If you use a fake battery then no matter what you do it would always be lacking. Buying a fake battery just because it is cheaper is one of the worst mistakes you can make because it MIGHT damage your beloved Smartphone and not to talk about the poor battery life.

These are tips you can use to extend your battery life and get more out of your phone.

If you know of any other tips that were not added here, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.


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