7 technological innovations happened in 2019 around the world

Listed below are 7 technological innovations that happened in 2019 and might change the world for the better:

What are the Latest Technology Trends
  1. ROBOT DEXTERITY: Not much long ago, it was a dream to have a robot that can do things in the real world with its own hands. 2019 saw the revolutionary when one project named Dactyl taught itself how to flip a toy building block in its fingers. This came from the San Francisco based non-profit Open AI. Surrounded by a range of cameras and lights it consists of robotic hands taken from existing supplies. If this goes in the direction that our researchers want, robots might these will be assembling our gadgets one day, even load our dishwashers or take out our laundry!
  2. PREDICTING PREEMIES: With rising cases of babies born prematurely every year which eventually is resulting in death for children under the age of five, a bioengineer from Stanford, Stephen Quake has come up with a solution. He has now found out an easier way to detect and form in order the small amounts of genetic material that are cell-free in the blood. According to Quake, this technology is a quick and easy way and costs less than $10, single measurement. Akna Dx is the start-up that his collaborators and Quake himself have started and working on commercialising it.
  3. SAMSUNG BOTS: Samsung just introduced three new robots that aim in easing our burden and comes with a certain amount of healthcare. It is designed to measure your heartbeat, breathing rate as well as your blood pressure. This will even work as an alarm reminding you to take your medicines. You can video call, get information about the weather or a keep a track on your schedule. Taking care of your home this Bot can play music keeping up with your mood and also examine the air quality in your room and then filters it!
  4. WHILL PERSONAL ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Designed for the disabled, WHILL’s Personal Electric Vehicles is a self-driven cab. It comes in a wheelchair form and can be easily mustered using the mobile app from places like hospitals, museums and airports commuting passengers to their desired destination. After dropping off the passenger the vehicle returns to its docking station to get recharged.
  5. ZUMI AI-EQUIPPED ROBOTIC CAR: Winning the Best of Innovation award for 2019 in the drones and robotics category, this car has certainly made its mark. Designed specifically to create awareness amongst the kids regarding self-driven and AI vehicles, it structures the route between two points avoiding an encounter with any kind of obstacles keeping in check with the traffic signals as well.
  6. EVOKE ENERGY CELL HEARING AID: Evoke energy cell hearing aid with its machine learning technology provides customised sound setting to its wearer. It gathers data from real-time, adjusts the sound settings, alters the volume to provide the user with a blissful experience. Powered by a combination of oxygen and methanol it lasts for almost 24 hours.
  7. BEELIFE COCOON: BeeLife CoCoon helps bees to maintain optimum health by using a system embedded with AI that can increase and decrease the temperature based on the surrounding conditions. This can be done by using a cellular device. On top of it, this is powered by a top of the range solar panel.


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