7 Simple Exercises To Do while at Home or In Office

Due to the hectic schedule, office workload, all of us do not get enough time to do exercise, and all these leads to various problems, obesity, other diseases, etc. Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the major factors that contribute to all these.

Taking in mind all these things, here are some simple exercises that we can do in the office while doing work or at home.

1. Use stairs instead of the lift or elevator whenever possible. As climbing stair is a good exercise. While in the office, if you have to do up and down, use stairs instead of the lift.

2. Park your vehicle away from your office and go some part walking. Go ride a bicycle, if your office is nearby your house or at 1 or 2 km away.

3. Walk while talking on the phone or having a tea/coffee.

4. Discuss the office work while walking, instead of sitting and discussing.

5. Take a break for 5 min in between the work and go for a walk, do stretches, or after lunch go for a walk for 10 min.

6. While doing household work, keep things away from your reach, so that more of walking exercise is done. Stand while cutting vegetables, washing utensils or doing any other work.

7. Walk or ride a bicycle to get anything from the grocery store instead of driving.

There might be many more exercises other than these, but these simple exercises also help you to start with.


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