7 Effective Ways to Make Your New Staff Feel Welcomed

Welcome New Employee

Employee retention is a crucial element of making the business survives. Whenever a new joiner comes into the organization, it is your duty to set the first impression right. Nothing rejoices the new joiner more than the feel of being welcomed.

So what are the variant ways to make the new staff feel welcomed and comfortable?

  1. Goodies – Don’t forget to surprise them with lovely goodies. For top quality and durability, you can print a tee shirt with their name and your logo on it with a  DTF Station . You can also go extra miles by gifting customized notepad and a pen to the new staff. This shall indeed become a delightful welcome to him/her.
  1. Little Bits of Information – It is one of the best practice to take your employee for the walk and make him/her known to the tiny bits of information. This information could be the best lunch outlet in the vicinity, the best place to order lunch from. These tiny bits of information would be greatly helpful to your new staff. Additionally, it would also help in creating the bond.
  1. Lunching Partner – Assigning a lunching partner might look like school practices but believe us it works. You can choose the lunch partner from the team your new staff is going to work with. This makes it easier for the new joiner to form friendship and break the ice. You can perhaps arrange a small lunch arty for the team as well.
  1. Field Work – Nobody should be spared from getting their hands dirty. In case your organization owns a processing unit make it a point to take the new staff there. It is one of the best practices which inculcates a deeper understanding in the employee about the organization and its functionalities at the ground level.
  1. Pair them up – Assign a person to your new joiner. It is best to pick a person from the designated team and assign it to the new joiner for at least a week. Make sure that the aired person is helpful enough.
  1. After Hours – Arrange a small get together kind of party after the office hours on the first weekend. This is one of the best way to break the ice and make your new joiner much more comfortable. He/she would then have a lot to talk and share about. The place can be a small restaurant in the vicinity or a good eatery.
  1. Show the “do not tells” – Every business has a couple of things that are secretive and shwing it to the new employee builds trust. You need to make the new joiner aware of the things and facts that need not go out at any point of time.

Making the new joiner wanted is important. This sets the first impression of the organization in the right manner. When you invest some time and efforts in such activities, it reflects in the further performance of the employee as well.


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